Nuketown Rooftop

Pretty cool.. and funny. Thanks

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Out of Map - Nuketown
Here it is.. Good job Zoeo, once again. Thank you guys!

Out of Map - Kino Der Toten
I know a lot of people asked for some zombies glitches, but this is all I got up my sleeves. Jerry's channel: Levitation glitch tutorial:

Invisible glitch on Black Ops
If you didn't get it when I said it, or the volume was down or you have no speakers, or you're deaf, or you're in an area that prevents the transportation of sound, then here are written instructions: Go to the start menu (1 button) and hover over allies, but don't click it. Press (A) and (-) at the same time. Press (2) to return to normal at any time. I don't know if this works for Classic Controller people.

Secret and hidden room on Firing Range!