Nuketown Rooftop

Pretty cool.. and funny. Thanks

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Call of Duty Black Ops: NukeTown Secret Ladder
I was playing on NukeTown when i ran across this just simply climb like its a ladder and... you are in the house *My first video if you like it thumbs up leave a comment about what you think and how i can improve, thanks!!!

The Four Secrets on Nuketown!
Very very interesting! The last one is only visible with hacks, but the other three are visible in game, but it's better this way to get a cool view.. Thanks, Moose! His channel is right here:

Call Of Duty Black Ops Unlock All Zombie Maps & Easter Eggs
This Is A Video On Some Hidden Easter Eggs And Achievements "THE BEST SITE FOR MODDED CONTROLLERS"

How to Unlock the Ray Gun in Black Ops Multiplayer
Getting sick of those fake tutorials on how to get a Ray Gun in multiplayer? Well try this tutorial, I ensure you'll end up getting one! By the way, this video is a fake, but I know most people won't see this piece of information! :P For those who have seen this small piece of information, feel free to laugh at the majority who cannot read the description.