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Storm the Embassy
Chris Northover rides his Oset electric trials bike in, under and on the old Russian consulate on the infamous Billionaires Row. This video is packed with extreme technical trickery on this amazing electric powered motorbike. (E Bike)

Dougie Lampkin ★ Trial Bike Stunts Through Red Bull Factory | Freestyle Motorcycle Fun
Dougie Lampkin rides his trial bike through the Red Bull Factory, performing all kinds of crazy freestyle motorcycle stunts. If it's fast, fun, inspiring and entertaining, we will discover it! Check out our weekly roundup shows featuring BEST OF motorsport videos, and videos from our amazing Network Partners in the roundup series NEW from the NETWORK. Watch as 12-times World Trials Champion Dougie Lampkin performs a number of driving stunts that include racing through offices, riding on transporters and jumping over a F1 car inside the Red Bull Racing Factory! ** Follow RaceWorldTV ** Twitter -- Facebook -- Google Plus - SUBSCRIBE: Xg ** Check out The RaceWorld Show - Roundup of Top 3 trending motorsport videos every week ** helf_id=17 Love motorsport? Be part of it! Join the RaceWorld TV Network and get featured on the channel.

3.5 year old Ryan on his Oset Trials Bike - Standing up for the first time!
This was 3.5 year old Ryan's 3rd time out on his Oset. Here he tries standing for the first time. Doing Great!

Twins of 4 years old riding BMX - Insane!
Title: 4 year old BMX twins Jake and Theo riding (and crashing) their bikes over the last few months in NZ To see more videos from SamJakeTheo Riddle, go on: