Fast Intentions 370Z Dyno

Fast Intentions 370Z Dyno

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Fast Intentions 370Z Dyno Pulls | Bonanni Motorsports 370Z
Mike Bonanni brings his Project 370Z to Fast Intentions for an Exhaust system install. Before and after Dyno runs at Specialty Z performance reveal some good gains across the entire RPM range!

Fast Intentions Nissan 370z TDX CBE In-House Install w/Sound Clips
Fast Intentions is proud to spotlight a recent in-house installation of our world-renowned Nissan 370z TDX CBE. Since it's release in 2009, we've sold/created/installed/shipped over 1,750 systems for this model. All created and built in house. The success of this Exhaust system has spawned the birth of many other products such as; our long tube headers, resonated test pipes, high flow cats, oil cooler kit, and record setting twin turbo system. All which are still going strong thanks to our loyal and supportive clients.

370z Dyno Test Results For product info. and pricing.

370Z w/ Full Intake & Exhaust: Dyno Results
Dyno clip of 370Z with fully modded intake & Exhaust. Setup includes Stillen G3 Intakes, Stillen Headers, Berk HFCs, and Stillen Cat-back Exhaust.