Fast Intentions 370Z Dyno

Fast Intentions 370Z Dyno

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370z Dyno Test Results For product info. and pricing.

Fast Intentions 370Z Dyno Pulls | Bonanni Motorsports 370Z
Mike Bonanni brings his Project 370Z to Fast Intentions for an Exhaust system install. Before and after Dyno runs at Specialty Z performance reveal some good gains across the entire RPM range!

NEW 370Z vs Cayman S vs. BMW 135i vs. 997 Carrera PDK vs. S2000 Type S (HQ)
japan debut battle

Drag Race - Genesis Coupe, 370Z, Mustang GT
We pit Hyundai's all-new Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6 against its strongest competition, the Nissan 370Z and Ford's Mustang GT, in an impromptu quarter mile drag race.