Fast Intentions 370Z Dyno

Fast Intentions 370Z Dyno

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AAM Competition 2.5" True Dual Exhaust on 370z
Just some interior and exterior bits of the AAM Exhaust on my 370z. I'm sure this Exhaust may be too loud for some and not loud enough for others, but it sounds just right to me. It seems my video camera picks up the most minute amount of sound, so the interior sounds a lot louder here than it does in real life. Hell, I can hear my blinker in this video better than I can in the car for real! ;-)

Girl's reaction to 600 hp turbo Nissan 370z (140 mph!) - Watch and see the beautiful Anie Perez take a ride in the 600+ horsepower turbo Nissan 370z tuned by Mtuned Tuning! Featuring the world's best 370z turbo kit, watch as this beast from the east lays rubber and takes away the breath of our beautiful passenger. Follow up with a bonus photo shoot and POV test drive; it doesn't get any better than this! My personal favorite tuner, Michael Adkins from Mtuned did an amazing job with this Z. Check out his website and add him on facebook! This is the same guy who has tuned my Evo and I highly recommend him. Follow up with Anie Perez Instagram @anie_perez & @anie_perez_ #makeupbyanie #anieperez Twitter: @makeupbyanie Bonus photo-shoot session with Eric Larokk! #ericlarokk #ericlarokkphoto Music by Treyar Hurt Subscribe now! #Boostaholics

370z Fast Intentions Cat Back Exhaust Install 18" resonated Fast Intentions Cat Back Exhaust with Stainless Steel Polished Mufflers.

Nissan 370Z Fast Intentions Catback Exhaust + Test Pipes
Cold start, skip to 0:36 for revs 0:54 for cool smoking effects in the tips Fast Intentions 12" TDX Catback Fast Intentions non-resonated test pipes For those of you who will ask: yes the drone is pretty loud at 70 mph+, yes there is hissing, yes it rattles at 2k under load. However, driving underneath highway overpasses makes all of that worth it.