The Infamous "BURN OUT!" by Spectators

Just revs. By "BURN OUT!", notice the quotation marks and exclamation point, I meant the audiences' outbursts. Not the actual burning of tires. Purpose of this video? None really, just showing you what half of the event attendees did most of the time. The Infamous by Canibeat and Hellaflush. Long Beach, CA August 11, 2012 This is what most of the attendees were doing. They left early to show off, or they sat by the fence and provoked drivers to do burn outs.

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Burnout Contest
SRG Car Show in Hatfield Pa in 2012 Other cars at the SRG car show doing burnouts, with assistance. Quality burnouts were posted here:

Hellaflush Srt4: Street Sweeper
WHEEL SPECS: CCW Lm20 17x9.5 +12 4"lips 215/35 17x10.5 +6 5" lips 225/35 The SRT went through some changes since the last video. It was recently featured in issue 24 of S3magazine so check it out there! the car no longer looks like this and is being redone for the 4th time, soon it will be out looking better than ever!

Burnout Contest!
Local car show let out and some people got carried away. Vote for your favorite in the comment section below!

Rally Car Stopped by Police During Rally
GoPro HERO5 Black : Subaru WRX Rally car gets pulled over and warned by police while in transit to the next stage with a GoPro on board (This is in between stages and Rallysolo). Filmed with GoPro. GoPro Mounts on SALE: Subaru Oil Filters: Subaru Key chain: Subaru Rally Hat: Subaru Parking Only Sign: