98 Chevrolet Silverado Exhaust

The Black Beast With Glasspacks And Echo Tips

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1998 Silverado 180!!!
Me doing a 180 in my silverado

98 Chevy Silverado with Dynomax Bullets
5.7L Vortec with cats going through true dual 2 1/2in. pipe to 2 Dynomax Bullets and 4in. Magnaflow tips. Sorry about the wind noise and smoke, its -10 degrees. Check out my new driveby video! Also have my buddys truck with bullets and no cats!

Bumping Los Originales de San Juan / 98 Silverado
Part 2; Upgraded more parts such as rear and grill neon light, blue signal bulbs, black wet paint, custom tinted windows... I took this video in a parking garage in San Jose, Ca. still more upgrades to come but until then i hope you enjoy this. any feed back or comments will be much appreciated Thanks... The first video is under 12309 chevy.

1998 Chevy Silverado Flowmaster Exahust
Its a 1998 chevy with a 350. Has a single super 40 muffler. 2.5 inch. pipe to 3.5 inch. Stainless Steel Tips.