Speedway Motors T-Bucket Test Drive

Speedway Motors is bringing fun and affordability back to hot rodding with an all-new line of T-bucket kits! Check out this video of our Deluxe '23 T display car, then visit the Speedway Motors web site to find out more about all of our easy-to-build T-bucket packages.

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8 Second T Bucket Hot Rod
A sedate exit from a local cruise

Speedway Motors Yellow T-Bucket Assembly
Speedway Motors is your T-Bucket Headquarters! Watch the start-to-finish final assembly of Speedway Motors yellow '23 T-Bucket display car! This car may be coming to a show near you! Here is the price list specific to the T-Bucket seen in this video. It should give you an idea on the estimated cost to building a similar T-Bucket. This T-Bucket was assembled early 2010 so part numbers and prices are subject to change. *Price does not include engine and accessories, transmission, shifter, driveshaft, tires, paint, powdercoat glass, battery or cables: http://static.speedwaymotors.com/pdf/DisplayCarPriceList.pdf

Speedway Motors Vinyl-wrapped Tribute T
We took one of our display Tribute T-Buckets out for a final spin around the block before it gets it's new facelift! Speedway Motors Tribute T street rod kits offer a distinctive retro appearance coupled with modern components and engineering. Visit Speedway Motors at http://www.speedwaymotors.com/ to find out more about all of our T-bucket packages.

War Rat - NEHRspeedcraft
War Rat is another T-Rat Formula Roadster built by NEHR Speedcraft. Check out www.nehrspeedcraft.com for more details and information. Original music by T-Kat & The Joe G (Joey "Guitar" Gaydos & Tom Kuhr).