'85 BMW 318i - 4cyl 8valve racing - Event7 Run5 2008

ASNW Event #7 - 2008

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1984 bmw 318i
a car that i once owned, i really liked it

Bmw 318i vs 325is
Glisse bmw hyehen

BMW E30 318i M10 classic
auto je PRED planovanymi upravami... cize slabunke a s rozbitym podvozkom.... to chce cas a peniaze... KEEP BURNIN!

Nearly Flipping an e30 at VIR
Drift day at VIR Patriot. Drove my e30 with stock suspension. My first drift event and figured that factory springs and shocks nearing the end of their life wouldn't matter too much. Maybe I was wrong, but I had a fantastic time. The car is a 1984 e30 318i with a 6 puck clutch and a 3.73 LSD from a 325is.