'85 BMW 318i - 4cyl 8valve racing - Event7 Run5 2008

ASNW Event #7 - 2008

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BMW E30 318i M10 classic
auto je PRED planovanymi upravami... cize slabunke a s rozbitym podvozkom.... to chce cas a peniaze... KEEP BURNIN!

1984 bmw 318i
a car that i once owned, i really liked it

1985 BMW 318I Rough Idle
The Car has been running fine until today, it started having a rough idle...idle still surges while giving it gas aswell, but it idles fine between the surges and seems to have allot of power. Any advice (besides getting a diff car) would be appreciated.

e30 bmw m10 twin carb
my twin carbed bmw on the beach