1966 Nova built in home garage.

1966 Nova Bad Boy Street Car 482 Cubic Inch 700 HP. 850 on the spray. Don't take a ride in this if you are weak at heart.

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Jack's Garage Lift
There's a new video which will show you the whole garage here: https://youtu.be/2lCrlVhwHnE BEFORE YOU COMMENT ON THE LIFT ONLY BEING GOOD FOR CHANGING TIRES... Please stop, take a breath, and understand that an early 911 only has sheet metal where this lift contacts it. I have 100% access to every serviceable component on the car, from engine to transaxle to Exhaust. Every. Single. Thing. Okay? I've had the car completely apart -- engine out, Exhaust out, all four corners stripped to the tub -- the lift doesn't interfere with any of that. I also use it on my other cars (with an adapter), where I haven't yet run into a job I couldn't do with this lift. Also, there's a website for the place here: http://www.12-gaugegarage.com

66 LS7 Nova

Blower Madness: 1966 Nova owned by Glen Bolz
1966 Nova owned by Glen Bolz with a MASSIVE turbo up front. He keeps it clean with an old shower cap over it when not running. Glen's the coolest and has already started getting ready to race.