E30 electric car vs skyline gtr r33

402 streetrace Velika Gorica 03-04.07 2011 Video by toni....tnx

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Electric BMW vs. BMW M6 vs. Porsche 911
A shortened version of a TV show which featured our project with an 30 minutes long episode.

Bleskový elektromobil
Stránka konštruktéra: http://www.vst-cars.com Who Killed The Electric Car? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6GDCuJalx8&playnext=1&list=PL6448A0A91782E9 94 http://www.vst-cars.com

electro bmw vs m3
osijek street race show 5. mate rimac 12,173@402 starting point of rimac concept one and later on base of volare electric bmw is on the right

Tesla Roadster vs. BMW electric - street race.wmv
Tesla Roadster owned by German electric company RWE visited Zagreb, Croatia on its 2010. European Tour. Mate Rimac, young Croatian inventor challenged Tesla Roadster with his BMW converted into VST electric race car. Drag race happened on the streets of Zagreb (please do not try this on your streets, it was done with Croatian police help). Tesla Roadster 0-60 3,9 sec, BMW VST electric 0-60 maybe 3,4 sec or less. Go electric! :)))