EVO X GT35R road test hi boost

Test driving the 466WHP EVO...

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Monster WRX stage2 tune & road test
This is the new 2009 WRX running on Custom GT3076R turbo, custom Intercooler and custom stand alone ECU. 320WHP @ 18psi (91 octane)

AEM EMS & GT35R STi dyno tune session
Built motor w/wiseco pistons, pauter rods, oe crank & bearings. Heads are stock except tomei poncams. Result: 480WHP @ 18psi !!!

601 whp gt35r evo
gt35r evo AMS

DG Motors 670whp Evo X Street Pulls
We just finished installing our prototype Ets 3.5" Maf Housing and street tuning the entire setup to get it prepared for phase 2 of tuning on the Dyno! DG Motors Evo X is almost ready to crack 800whp