Tuning fuel with diablosport intune srt4

Stage 2 srt4 tuning to get the afr to around 11.7, car has agp wastegate, full 3 inch Exhaust, 21psi Boost, meth injection, mopar intake

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How To Use: DiabloSport inTune
We walk you through how to use a DiabloSport inTune handheld tuner.

2005 SRT-4 Before/After DSP 93 tune
A lot more noticeable sitting in the car. can't see a whole lot on camera but you might be able to hear it.

Diablo sport intune AFR Hook up
How to program AFR and log it on data viewer Part 1 Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDea0Z1MIEQ

How to data log on Diablo sport Intune
How to data log with intune on hand held edt!!!! you need to add the following to you log. turbo TOTAL AIR PORT MASS FLOW S—actual delivered mass air flow PRATIO ---MAP/BARO TOTAL VE BANK1---% Volumetric Efficiency—main fuel table