Tuning fuel with diablosport intune srt4

Stage 2 srt4 tuning to get the afr to around 11.7, car has agp wastegate, full 3 inch Exhaust, 21psi Boost, meth injection, mopar intake

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How To Program Your Vehicle Using A Diablosport Intune I-1000

2005 SRT-4 Before/After DSP 93 tune
A lot more noticeable sitting in the car. can't see a whole lot on camera but you might be able to hear it.

E85 on Stage 3 SRT-4
My first tank of e85 after installing 1025cc injectors. Flashing the new e85 tune with Diablosport inTune.

Copy Custom Tunes to Diablo Intune
Shows you how to copy a custom tune from email to your Diablo Intune