My Ultimate Driving Machine - BMW 330Ci and Porsche 911

This is my second attempt at making a "car video". On a Sunday afternoon, I met up with a pal and his car and we went for a drive. There are three things that I need to do better (there are actually quite a few more, but I'll start with three...): 1: Better story... I need to have a more compelling story and build it in a particular way instead of shooting, editing, thinking of a story, writing, narrating and posting... This is crazy and makes for a big pile of cheese.... 2: More camera angles... I only had two cameras at my disposal and limited time... My pal is going to get a Hero Black for himself and he also has a DSLR with video capabilities... I have a second friend that plans to do the same... Hopefully we can get him and his ride out to do a story as well... Write a shot list so that I can set up shots and shoot them according to the story...that would be better.... 3: Better writing.... I need to take more than 10 minutes to write the narration.... Have a better story will probably help this out a lot... I think if I do things in the right order the end product will be better... Bottom line - less cheese.. 4: I know I said only 3 things, but I need a 4th - Better Audio.... I think that I need to get a good lav mic at least to record voice audio through the iPhone/iPod touch to begin with and a decent digital audio recorder in the future.... There are all kinds of other things I need to learn to keep these short vids interesting, so I'll just keep grinding through the process...and driving... Thanks for watching :)

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BMW E46 330CI Schmiedmann Competition
This shows the BMW E46 330CI Schmiedmann Competition with ESS compressor in action!! See more about the build here -carbon-ESS-kompressor/index.htm All parts mounted on the BMW can be found here

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Trial and Error : Joshua Antony 's BMW E46 330ci // VIDEO
BMW E46 330ci 2001 Owner : Joshua Antony Nowadays, Indonesian car culture have learn to knows about air suspensions. But there’s so much pros and cons about applying this suspensions set up to the owner’s car because of the essence that gone because of using air suspension to your car. Many approved just to maintain the fenders condition to be safe and proper while daily use, but many hate because of there’s no pain for driving a beautifully lowered cars. For me the essence of built a car and driving it is not about how beauty and how painful you drive it, but it’s about the process of your built and the essence of the built is the progress that you’ve made through with your car..... SPECIFICATIONS: -2 Point Universal Air Suspension -OZ Futura -Interlagos blue by Platinum workshop Videographer & Editor : Iman Kurniawan Full Article : Shop : Copyright ROLLEDLIFE 2015