Starting the 1909 Blitzen-Benz, UNEDITED, @ Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

The Blitzen-Benz was purpose built to do just one thing, to break speed records (not racing), and it did repeatedly from 1909 through 1911. (Edited version: ) Its speed of 228.1km/h (141.73mph) on April 23rd, 1911, driven by Bob Burman at Daytona Beach, stood as a record until 1919. Twice the speed of the fastest airplane, (12 April, 1911, Alfred Leblanc @ 69.442mph/111.801kph in a Blériot Blériot) and even shattering the record speed of 210km/h set by a locomotive in 1903. This record was not even officially broken in an airplane until 1920! Of the six originally built, this is one of only two that exist today, and is displayed at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. While the extended and nuanced effort required to start the Blitzen-Benz on a cool coastal morning can try the patience of some viewers, its historical significance and ground-breaking engineering brilliance still place it amongst the greatest motor-vehicle achievements of all time, and the dozens witnessing this effort felt it was one of the highlights of many great moments at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2011. Here's a great collection of vintage and modern images of the Blitzen-Benz and other historic speed record contenders: Specs: displacement 21500 cc / 1312.0 in³ bore 185 mm / 7.28 in stroke 200 mm / 7.87 in compression 5.8:1 power 149.1 kw / 200 bhp @ 1600 rpm specific output 9.3 bhp per litre bhp/weight 137.93 bhp per tonne

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The Blitzen-Benz. Bill Evan’s dream comes true - Mercedes-Benz original
Each child has a dream car. But often they’re not allowed to drive their dream car one day. Except for Bill Evans. His dream becomes true, because he is an owner of the Blitzen-Benz, which is one of the most famous racing car ever. In April 1911 the Blitzen-Benz broke the sound-barrier of 200km/h and because of this it was the fastest car of its time. First 1920 an airplane had ever flown this fast as the Blitzen-Benz. But the Blitzen-Benz is still mythical. Bill Evens is always been fascinated by this classic cars’s technology of aerodynamics. A photograph of him and the Blitzen-Benz at the Mercedes-Benz Museum is always with him, until his dream comes finally true. The experienced car restorer gets the unique opportunity to restore a Blitzen-Benz. The restoration is successfully. When the engine is finished, it started on the very first time. Since then there is no day without the Blitzen-Benz at Evans’ garage. Except the owner goes for a spin with his dream Benz. More information about Mercedes-Benz Classic on Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz: Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

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