Wegner Motorsports LS 415 inch 614Hp & 544 Torque

This engine is a Wegner Motorsports LS 415 inch with Fast EZ EFI, Wegner CNC ported LS3 heads, and Wegner WAK014 front accessory drive built for Chad Fellabum's 67 Chevy Pickup. The engine made 614 Hp and 544 Torque.

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Wegner Motorsports LS3 418 inch w/ Magnacharger TVS 2300
This engine is built for Fernando Salgueiro's 67 Camaro. It is a Wegner Motorsports LS3 418 & Magnacharger TVS 2300 with the new 10 rib Wegner accessory drive. This drive allows you to put any accessory drive of choice in front of the S/C drive. This engine made 914 HP and 870 Torque! Going to need very sticky tires! The Magnacharger used is mainly a 2010 Camaro LS3 TVS 2300 S/C.

Wegner Motorsports 472 inch RHS LS7 making 712HP and 665 Torque on pump gas
This engine is a Wegner Motorsports built 472inch RHS tall deck LS7 making 712 HP and 665 Torque on 91 Octane pump gas Chris McPhie's 66 Chevelle built by Ring Brothers. The engine features RHS LS Tall deck block, RHS big port LS7 heads, Performance Design Carbon XR LS7 manifold, Comp Cam, Holley ECU, Diamond pistons, Callies Rods and Magnum crankshaft, Dailey billet Dry sump oil pan, and Wegner WAK033 front Accessory Drive kit.

Driveline Studios - LSX 408 Build
A short teaser for our upcoming 408ci iron block LS3 build. Built by AntiVenom using a Summit Racing block, Callies crankshaft, Callies connecting rods, and a set of Wiseco pistons.