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Wegner Motorsports LS 415 inch 614Hp & 544 Torque

This engine is a Wegner Motorsports LS 415 inch with Fast EZ EFI, Wegner CNC ported LS3 heads, and Wegner WAK014 front accessory drive built for Chad Fellabum's 67 Chevy Pickup. The engine made 614 Hp and 544 Torque.


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Fast 2.0 (EFI) 1968 Camaro RS
Install Fast 2.0 1968 Camaro RS

Wegner Motorsports LS 415inch HARROP Supercharged 835HP and 805 Torque
This engine is Wegner Motorsports built 415 cubic inch with a HARROP TVS 2300 Supercharger making 835HP and 805Torque built for Raj Mundi . Check out the lower RPM torque numbers! The front accessory drive is a Wegner Motorsports built drive system that runs the Harrop Supercharger on its own seperate belt behind the water pump while running the rest of the components in front. The engine also has the Wegner CNC ported LS3 heads, billet valve covers, and coil relocation brackets.

Scotty Kok/ Wegner Motorsports 750HP BBC Burnout
Scotty Kok's 1970's Camaro with custom-built 750 HP big block engine from Wegner Motorsports fuels the smokeshow in Fox Lake, WI. Watch the tires pop at 1:10! http://www.wegnerautomotive2.com

1971 Mustang Mach 1 with EZ-EFI, ROUTE66 Heads, and Roller cam. Vid 1.
Starting the rebuild of the Mustang with parts and modifications to increase efficiency and get better mpg. Drivetrain is 1978 Ford V8 400, with C6 and 2.75 LSD. Chassis mods are HD Sway bars and air-shocks. Engine changes include, electric fans, no AC, alloy water pump, heads, and intake. Roller cam and lifters. EZ-EFI fuel injection, and cold air induction from twin air filters mounted behind the headlights. Gearbox is C6 with HD rebuild and shift kit. Prop was specially made for the application. Headlight now modern style with HO bulbs and built in sidelight bulbs.

LQ4, Cam and FAST EZ-EFI and Tri-Y headers
LQ4 in my 85 chevy 4x4 suburban. It has a scoggin-dickys cam, edelbrock duel plane intake with FAST EZ-EFI fuel injection. Just installed Doug thorly tri-y headers. It is running way rich due to the o2 sensors seeing the fresh air from end of headers.

NICKEY Chicago Stage 3 LS 427 Procharger S/C, RHS Block, RHS LS7 Heads
This is a NICKEY Chicago LS 427 inch engine with Procharger, RHS tall deck block, RHS LS7 CNC ported heads, FAST Intake, etc. HP was 1061 and 951 Torque! Built by Wegner Motorsports for a Nickey Chicago Stage 3 2011 Camaro

BRODIX 583 BBC EFI Pump Gas Dyno
We were doing some testing with a FAST EZ-EFI on a pump gas BBC. As always we used a K&N Filters oil filter.

Jake R. 408 Stroker W/ FAST EZ-EFI 430HP!
This engine is a 408 Stroker with Fast EZ-EFI Injection. Produces 430HP/500TQ.

Sam Memmolo for Atomic LS EFI by MSD Performance
Listen in as Sam Memmolo explains the benefits of MSD's New Atomic LS EFI system for GM LS engines.

DIY Fuel Injector Cleaning & Repair
This is the end result of a few hours of work and $60 because I didn't have a 1/4" NPT tap in any of my kits. I could have done this for less-than $40. The BG products were donated to the cause. Tech info: The REASON you want to use 20 PSI is precisely because of how peak-hold type injectors work. The injector signal sends a 4v spike to open a peak-hold type injector quickly, then maintains its open condition with only 1 volt. Really, it's a current thing and there's a longer explanation, but that's it in a nutshell. When you put the injector in its operating pressure, it takes more than a AA battery to open it, but you don't want to sustain that much current with a momentary switch and your expensive injectors. This isn't in the video because this warning wouldn't be as clear. Unless you can simulate the injector pulse precisely, don't try it. 1.5v is enough to open it below its operating pressure. If you open it and THEN apply pressure, you can flow as much pressure as you can throw at it. I don't discourage anyone from getting their injectors professionally cleaned and balanced, but in my case, I didn't feel that was necessary. In my first video, I thanked the seller for these injectors and happy to know I got a great deal on high quality parts. My gratitude is even greater because I had problems with them. It gave me an opportunity to help others troubleshoot these kinds of problems when purchasing used parts. A different idiot might have blamed the seller for peddling crap, demanding their money back... but that would only be because they didn't even know what they were looking at. This particular idiot knows what high quality parts RC injectors are and how to clean 'em. $250 + $60 still means I saved about $150 on a brand new set. We all benefit because I bought these and I'm grateful! Let the good times roll.

Ford 302 Fast EZ-EFI F.A.S.T. Electronic fuel injection
http://www.fordcobraengines.com/ Family owned and operated for over 40 years with over 75,000 satisfied customers. Rated #1 Click on blue link http://www.enginefactory.com/letters.htm Here is a 302 Ford Turn Key engine. This engine has the new FAST EZ-EFI fuel injection system on it. This is a very simple plug and play setup. This has a roller cam, roller rockers. Produced by enginefactory.com Worlds leader in turn key muscle car engines.

Wegner Motorsports Drag Race LS7 RHS 454 making 844HP and 655 Torque NA
This is a Wegner Motorsports built Drag Race LS7 RHS 454 making 842HP and 655 Torque built for Kurt at AutoKraft.

Wegner LS 441 inch for Dan Weber
This is a Wegner Motorsports built LS engine 441 inch with LS7 block and Wegner CNC ported LS3 heads, Fuel Injected, making 658Hp and 568 Torque.

Fred Gibb 427 with Magnacharger built by Wegner Motorsports
This engine is a Fred Gibb 427 with a Magnacharger built by Wegner Motorsports. The engine made 847HP and 910 Torque!

Chevy LS Engine & Stand Alone EFI Wire Harness

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