Mercedes Benz E55 AMG Commercial "the Beast"

The main engine is a 5.4 L V8 unit, designated the M113, that carries the "55" designation. However, this engine comes in two configurations. The first configuration is found in the C55 AMG, CLK55 AMG and SLK55 AMG is a naturally aspirated V8 with 360 PS (367 hp/265 kW). The other configuration is a similar unit but with a highly efficient Lysholm type Supercharger manufactured by IHI, found in the rest of the AMG 55 models. The published output according to Mercedes varies from 476 PS (469 hp/350 kW) to 517 PS (509 hp/380 kW) depending on various methods of power measurements and different ECU programming for national legislations. AMG will phase out both the naturally aspirated and supercharged 5.4 L engines in favor of the new M156 V8 beginning in 2006.

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Some of the funniest and greatest Mercedes-Benz Commercials! - part 1/2
Some of the best Mercedes commercials, containing several models - from A-Class to S-Class. 1. 00:00 - "Mika" 2. 00:35 - Mika Hakkinnen and Boris Becker in 2029 3. 01:40 - The power of the S400 CDi (W220) 4. 02:25 - 'Choking' commercial - E-Class (W211) 5. 03:03 - C-Class diesel (W202) 6. 03:35 - S-Class (W140) offroad and on road 7. 04:21 - Mercedes Passion - E-Class (W211) 8. 05:13 - One step further: Smith & Schmidt 9. 06:20 - Photo collection commercial 10. 07:22 - Genie wish commercial - E-Class (W211) 11. 08:23 - Pose with C-Class (W202) 12. 09:10 - Dad and son: C-Class (W203) 13. 09:48 - 'Olivier': CLS-Class (W219) 14. 10:30 - A-Class (W169): Follow your own Star 15. 11:31 - E-Class diesel (W221 E320 CDI) drag race 16. 13:51 - C-Class safety (W204) 17. 14:21 - What went into making the C-Class (W204) Part 2:

Mercedes E55 AMG vs Mercedes C63 AMG; Jeep SRT-8 vs BMW X6M; Audi RS6 vs BMW M3 ESS
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Two clips from the new movie Highway 2. C63 AMG VS TWO SWEDISH POLICE. VW MULTIVAN AND VOLVO V70. Like the movie and want more? BUY IT @HIGHWAY.COM :)

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