Twin Turbo Dodge Stealth Drag Race, Steve 11.45 @ 124.7

New England Dragway Import Madness, June 25, 2011. Steves Twin evo3 16g stealth. Fastest full pass of the day for him.

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9 Second Dodge Stealth drag race, 9.98 @ 139 mph! - Steve Z
9 second stealth drag race - Steve Zsigray getting it done in his 1993 Big single turbo dodge stealth. A new best ET and MPH. Listen close for the Nick Stack and Kevin Jewer commentary. Borg Warner S380 - Drag Race Videos Spectator Drag Race Videos, Import Drag racing, Muscle car drag racing, street racing, how to's, parts reviews, turbo, all motor, Nitrous, supercharged, dsm, honda, acura, ford, chevy, mopar, nismo, jdm, toyota, mitsubishi, nissan, gtr, eclipse, talon, laser. New England Dragway Epping, NH 5/14/2014

World's Fastest Dodge Stealth 9 Second Pass
New 3S World Record by Matt Monett of Dynamic Racing. This car has now gone deep into the 8s, check the Related Videos for that update!

Rematch: 2003 Cobra Vs. Dodge Stealth RT Turbo
Here is a video of a BPU 03 Cobra vs a modded Dodge Stealth turbo. This is a rematch from a race the previous year. This video was originally posted by the Stealth Owner but then taken down. I reposted it because people kept asking for it.

1999 3000GT VR-4 versus 2013 Charger SRT-8
While getting some Tijuana street tacos, we decided to have a few friendly runs - enjoy! **PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FOR DETAILS REGARDING OUTCOMES** Ben rode in the VR-4 as the passenger to make the camera car's race weight closer to the SRT-8. First run at 20: Both punched in first. SRT-8 up-shifted late and falls back. VR-4 wins. Second run at 30: I intentionally started in second to give the SRT-8 a better chance. He did lunge HARD initially (as he should) in first but made the mistake of letting off thinking that I would have stopped for a redo. Having tuned and driven both, I can say that this SRT-8 obviously has the slight torque advantage (both are monsters), but this VR-4 takes the cake up top. 'twas fun!