Dangerous driving SUV

SUV drives recklessly

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Typical Malaysian Drivers
A short video about typical Malaysian drivers, presented by Turquoise Productions.

Spore - Stupid Driver Blocking Way (Tampines One)
A Stupid Female Driver (SFX 8818 X) Blocking Bus Lane for more than 1 hour, at "Tampines One". 8-April-09, one day before Tamp-1 Grand Opening, finally, the driver appear..........!!! (see the ending part of the video)

Polis malaysia minta duit kopi dari rakyat singapore.mp4
http://sozcyili.blogspot.com/2011/08/polis-malaysia-tahan-rakyat-singapore. html terbaeekk.. wa terpaksa salute polis malaysia sebab melakukan tanggungjawab terbaekk dalam memalukan malaysia.

- Why not just add in the lock to your autogate system? - 为什么不装电锁呢?电锁?? - Is the autogate without lock secure? - 没有电锁的电动门安全吗?