Import vs Domestic

Late one night I got really tired of the constant import vs domestic fights on here, so here you go! Dont hate and try to be open-minded about this.

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Import vs Domestic Part2
You know the point, sit down and enjoy some cars... Part two took alot more time for me to make, more material, a lil more creativity too :) Comments, suggestions, and critique in the respective manner are welcome. :) PS. Let me know if there should be a part 3

ricers rice burner buckets and muscle cars
PLEASE READ! So i am sick of all this automotive hating so i decided to make a vid. There are many types of cars in my opinion. But i am only talking about muscle and tuners right now. A tuner is a foreign car with engine mods ect. They have a right to look racy and utilize load Exhaust and such. Just as Muscle cars. Now A ricer or bucket are just Cars that look or sound racey but are really stock and/or junk. They almost always have little to no mods (maybe cold air intake and Exhaust) or (cut off Exhaust or glasspacks). Basically posing as a "cool" or fast car. I CANT STAND IT! I can say this because when i was a kid i used to cut my mufflers off my f-bodies thinking it was cool. Now its not, it no different than taking a stock honda or something and putting some loud ridiculous Exhaust on it. Think about it! SO STOP HATING! If you are going to hate, hate all cars that arent legit instead of just ricers or buckets. Thanks

Import Evolution street race corvette
cars racing, nothing that big, cept the corvette accelerates like a beast.

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