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Top AUDI 2.2 TURBO MONSTERS Of The World (Part 2)
Craziest Audi Quattro 5 cylinder turbo builds of the world based on the legendary 2.2 turbo engine that can develop very high power. This video contains only pure footage, no music or other boring stuff. Enjoy ! PART 1: Credits: 650hp Audi S4 - CRAZY Anti Lag sound & launch control 1000+HP Audi S2 1mile 337kmh 1100+HP Audi S2 Dyno. 1100+HP Audi S2 Launch Control test. 0-100km-h 2,3s. 0-60 MPH 2,2s. Audi 80 Coupe Quattro (Audimaxpower) Audi 100 S4 C4 5 Zylinder TTE600+ 100-200 700Ps | Audi S4 C4 2,2 Liter 5 Zylinder turbo 728 Ps / 942 Nm Sound 100-200 kmh (BROO Performance) Audi 100 Season 2012 without music Audi 200 2.2 20v turbo AutoSchäfer Audi 200 2.2 20v turbo test2 Audi Coupe Quattro VS Nissan GT-R R35 drag race Audi RS7 vs Audi 80 B2! Audi S2 510bhp shooting flames Audi S2 Dyno Prüfstand PKM 2,45bar 510,1ps 710,4NM Audi S2 quattro vs Nissan GT-R (Lucifer) Audi S2 Testfahrt Audi S2 vs Nissan GT-R, 10.09.2011 Audi UrS Army (Audimaxpower Team) vs. Mitsubishi EVO IX Drag Audi UrS4 2,2TQ 350 hp vs Audi 80 B2 2,2TQ 650hp Audi UrS4 2.2T 20V antilag (Audimaxpower) Audi UrS4 20v Launch control and acceleration. Audi UrS4 20v 2017 Audi UrS4 20v acceleration 2nd to 4th gear Imsa Sipoo Audi S2 H1102R by JTmedia fi SD Nissan GT-R R35 700hp vs Audi S2 coupé 657Whp AG-s i Norrköping Nissan GT-R R35 VS Audi 200 20VTQ drag race URSARMY 2016 09 18 TÖKÖL AUDI

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Audi S6 2.2 turbo quattro vs BMW 5 4.4
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