Black on Black Lexus ISF Exiting the Building - Autorama 2012 (Quick Thanks)

Visit my website here: or gearhead garage at I just wanted to make a quick video thanking my friends @ gearhead garage for bringing me into the building this year and allowing me to post up my ride under the lights :) Click here to see the other video showcasing all the other cars on display here in "building 4" - Here is the story of why my LEXUS is in a building full of American Muscle at the Autorama.....1 week prior to this video, Gearhead Garage installed my Nitrous Oxide system and they had mentioned having an entire building to themselves for the upcoming Autorama show. I said "my car looks best under some lights INSIDE a building, so if you have room in the "booth", call me!".....well they didnt have very much room but they called me anyway and asked if i wanted to squeeze my ride in. Who am i to say no? haha! So a little Japanese Muscle wont hurt....and the car ended up getting a LOT of attention over the 3 days it was there. Forget about my car though, look at the rest of them.......they are indeed, INCREDIBLE!! Thanks to everyone at Gearhead for the invite!! Don't forget to check out my website! Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio & custom car websites on earth! More to come! Facebook Page here: Follow:

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Serious Yota Flex - 2 SMD Mini 12" Subs testing new Psyph Morrison tracks for BASS Worthiness
a quick video uploaded directly from my phone - testing out the new Psyph Morrison tracks making sure they slap right! Who is ready? SMD Products Available at Visit my site! Join the forum today! More pics of the SMD Sub here : Coming soon! Visit for fast updates as i post pics all the time there. 2 SMD Mini 12" subs (coming soon) Powered by - 2 RF Prime 1200.1 box info: 3.9 cubes, 33hz. Made of 1" MDF. Don't forget to Subscribe Also, check out my other pages: Instagram: Facebook Page here: Follow:

BACK IN BLACK! 2011 Lexus ISF Lowered on 20" AZA Forged Wheels (REPAINTED)
Please visit my site! - join today! As you might know, these wheels are pretty much brand new. They are custom, 1 off, 3 piece made specifically for my car. When they were first finished , they had a machined stripe on the outside edge and also in between the spokes was also exposed aluminum. Recently i sent out the 20" AZA Wheels back and asked them to Paint them all black. I really liked the way they looked before but i really had my heart set on ALL BLACK. I am very pleased with the results....although black gets dirty VERY FAST! Now the blue brakes we painted a few months ago really stand out! the wheels are: Front: 20x9 wrapped in a 235/30/20 Rear: 20x10 wrapped in a 285/25/20 Tires are Nitto Invo. Suspension: KW-V3 Adjustable Coilovers - lowered 2 1/8" For the finest quality wheels in the business, Visit AZA's website! Have an ISF? Hit up for Exhaust info! They will hook you up! Visit my website and join the forum! Join my Facebook page! 890963429 Follow my Tweets!

2011 Lexus ISF- 8 Speed 416hp - This thing is BAD!
its raining and pouring outside, a crappy time to have a brand new car like this but i just had to show you guys what the motor sounds like when you get on it a little bit. I will do another one of these when the weather is better and i can open my windows to let that sweet exaust sing to me. Subscribe to my channel for updates! I got this car yesterday at Lexus of Sacramento!! They were great to work with! to see the stats of the ISF.... I love this car :) stay tuned for more video's of this BEAST of a car in action...and to see what i do next! want to see more rides like this? visit join today!

Massive Subwoofer, Massive Ported Box (Build) Rockford Fosgate Power T3 19" Plexi Window VIDEO 1
Check out the new technology explained here: I have been really busy and just now getting a chance to build the box for this MASSIVE 19" subwoofer. It actually measures in at 21"! 8 Cubes, tuned to 30hz per the owners manual. I can do more fun stuff later i just wanted to see how it sounded using their recommendations. Tune in for the next video and see how it comes out once i make it look purrrrty! :) T3S1-19 19" Power T3 Single 1-Ohm Subwoofer The Power T3S1-19 "superwoofer" has a whopping 19-inches of effective radiating cone area for deep bass and features a single 1-Ohm voice coil for easy wiring. This is the largest, most powerful subwoofer Rockford Fosgate has ever built! Three layer glass fiber/Aramid honeycomb/Glass fiber cone Aluminum dustcap Injection molded foam surround with VAST™ Proprietary surround mechanical clamping ring Dual Nomex progressive spiders with integrated lead wires Aluminum diecast frame with integrated heat sink fins and venting Custom push spring insulated 4 AWG terminals Single layer edge wound aluminum 5" voice coil Push/Pull voice coil designwith dual windings Integrated die cast aluminum trim ring Dual gap multi-pole Neodymium push/pull motor structure Don't forget to Subscribe Also, check out my other pages: Instagram: Facebook Page here: Follow: