RSX Flames

Me shooting out a flame in my rsx. MODS: -JRSC 8psi

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Rsx-s downshift !
my friend's rsx backing fire !

2 Step RSX shooting flames
Quick video of Dreamworx RSX tuned on KPro, 2 step with flames. Car: Acura TSX Supercharged 326whp/260wtq What's under the hood? Link below: What suspension? Link below: Want Dreamworx gear? Contact @dreamdrivedefine on Instagram. Follow On Instagram @dreamworxcarclub @dreamdrivedefine Thanks to the entire Dreamworx team, and Nextmod (@Nextmod) for their support.

Rsx spit flames on dyno
Wanted to Dyno my car and see how much gains I got with race headers, intake, and Exhaust. For some reason my friends say I have flames come out when I full throttle it. Didn't believe them until I saw it during the Dyno. 186.9 to the wheels and 134.5 of torque. Enjoy!

Ktuner 2 step Flames
Ktuner 2 step on 05 RSX Type S. Upgraded from the Hondata RH Reflash to Ktuner end user