RSX Flames

Me shooting out a flame in my rsx. MODS: -JRSC 8psi

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RSX shoots flame!
Quick video of Dreamworx RSX tuned on KPro back firing with flames. Follow @dreamworxcarclub on Instagram.

Full-Race powered rsx ***pump gas 14psi pull***
Full-Race rsx turbo

Rsx spit flames on dyno
Wanted to Dyno my car and see how much gains I got with race headers, intake, and Exhaust. For some reason my friends say I have flames come out when I full throttle it. Didn't believe them until I saw it during the Dyno. 186.9 to the wheels and 134.5 of torque. Enjoy!

Acura RSX raw hks hi power note i/h/e and bonus flame