RSX Flames

Me shooting out a flame in my rsx. MODS: -JRSC 8psi

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Rsx spit flames on dyno
Wanted to Dyno my car and see how much gains I got with race headers, intake, and Exhaust. For some reason my friends say I have flames come out when I full throttle it. Didn't believe them until I saw it during the Dyno. 186.9 to the wheels and 134.5 of torque. Enjoy!

Rsx-s downshift !
my friend's rsx backing fire !

CRAZY FLAMES - Best of cars shooting fire!
We put together a compilation of all the best TRC moments of cars shooting flames! Enjoy!

Two Nissan GTR R33 Skylines Revving and Shooting Flames in London 2014 (1080p)
Two Nissan GTR R33 Skylines Revving Loudly and Shooting Massive Flames in London