Dodge Viper and Toyota Supra street racing

Viper with Supras

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Supra/Cobra Races
Supra racing, followed by 2 runs with an 04 Cobra

I-Streetrace - BM Toyota Supra VS The Chevy Samurai!!!
Here us a recent run between the BM Toyota Supra VS The Chevy Samurai. Checkout it out as these 2 heavy hitter Rear Wheel Drive cars go head to head! Checkout I-Streetrace @ !!! Also check us out on Instagram @istreetracedotcom !!

Supra, Viper AND GT-R - BUSTED @ 160+MPH!
A 950hp twin turbo Viper, 1100hp+ GT-R and 800hp Supra go out to play on Florida streets when the worst happens…COP! This race didn’t end too well for us, but luckily we all drove away with warnings and a couple minor infractions. As you see in the video, the cop is far too wise to know that when a Supra, Viper AND GT-R come roaring down the highway together, he isn’t just going to sit there and do nothing. Unfortunately the two racers didn’t hear us honking behind him and end up making a pull and getting BUSTED! ------------------------------------ 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Submit your video to us ►

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