Dodge Viper and Toyota Supra street racing

Viper with Supras

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Titan Supra vs. Dodge Viper
Found on my old hard drive I recovered. Video is probably about 10 years old. Follow Us: Instagram: 6th_gear 6th Gear Garage SHOP - T-shirts & More: 927

Street Dodge Viper twin turbo 1700hp drag race.
In car camera street dodge viper twin turbo 1700 hp 1/4 mile. Powered by Heffners Performance.

Toyota Supra vs Yamaha R1 vs Suzuki GSXR 750
damn motorcycles ;) Supra is running about 470whp, shifting slow because of very high EGT's. New videos coming this summer.

streetracing - Ferrari vs. Viper (Viper crash)
new channel: - please subscribe me --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Hungary streetracing ferrari modena 360 vs. dodge viper rt10 dodge viper fail