TH 700R4 GM Transmission B&M Transpak Shift Kit & Upshift Valve Installation TCI

How to install a B& M Transpack Shift Kit, Upshift valve and a TCI Torque Converter TCC Lockup Kit. Have questions? Leave a comment. VT247

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700R4 Transmission - Check Ball Locations
On this video we see the factory check-ball locations for this particular model. I also share with you the alternative check-ball locations that I have been using for many years on 700's. The rule of thumb I share with you here Only applies to 700's. If you have a bathtub with 2 holes, it takes a check-ball. If your bathtub only has a square or one hole, no check-ball. I also recommend you pick up a repair manual where you are buying your parts. They should have one there.

How to Install a Lock-Up Kit 700R4 | Curt's Corner at Monster Transmission
Monster Transmission Presents Curt's Corner as Curt goes over on how to install a Lockup kit on a 700R4 Transmission. Items Included: Oil Pressure Switch with 2 Spade Connectors, 2 Brass Fittings, About 20' of Electrical Wire, 5 Spade Connectors, 2 for the Oil Pressure Switch and 3 for the Toggle Switch, In Line Connectors, and Extension Connectors, 2 Mounting screws for the Toggle Switch, Finally is the pigtail 4 pin connector. Tools Needed: A 9/16" wrench, a 3/4" wrench and an adjustable set of pliers and wire strippers, and Teflon tape. 700R4 Lock-Up Kit 200-4R Lock-Up Kit If you have any questions, comments or would like to purchase a lock-up kit give us a call at 1-800-708-0087

Master Shift Transmission Rebuild DVD
This is a taste of the 3 hr. how-to DVD produced by Masteshift Productions for the GM 700R4 / 4L60 automatic transmission. You can get this video at

700R4 Problems
My start at being my own transmission mechanic, hasn't gone well. I tried to give a little more life to my old transmission, by giving it bigger serveros, to put more pressure on the burnt clutches. I screwed that up, it was very difficult to get the servo in, wile the transmission was in the van. I have now "sanded out" the damage I caused in the servo bore, and put the original servo back in. The new servo will just be in the new transmission. I will now ride out the transmission in the van, until I lose third and fourth, next spring or summer I am hoping, or maybe when I get my garage built. (I now have spousal permission to build a real garage w heat :-)). I got an 84 transmission, that also needs a rebuild, for $100. The newest transmission I can use is 92, and that's 20 years old. I figured I would rebuild whatever I get. There is too many scammers out there that want $1000 for their "rebuilt" transmission. Most of them haven't even cleaned the thing, what is to say its "rebuilt", and its not rebuilt the way I want anyway. So this is a video of the servo screw up and the start of the rebuild of my 84 transmission. Parts are on there way. Although the 85-92 trans was better than 84 this one will be built for towing, and a future diesel conversion, better than anything 20 years old.