TH 700R4 GM Transmission B&M Transpak Shift Kit & Upshift Valve Installation TCI

How to install a B& M Transpack Shift Kit, Upshift valve and a TCI Torque Converter TCC Lockup Kit. Have questions? Leave a comment. VT247

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How to Install a Lock-Up Kit 700R4 | Curt's Corner at Monster Transmission
Monster Transmission Presents Curt's Corner as Curt goes over on how to install a Lockup kit on a 700R4 Transmission. Items Included: Oil Pressure Switch with 2 Spade Connectors, 2 Brass Fittings, About 20' of Electrical Wire, 5 Spade Connectors, 2 for the Oil Pressure Switch and 3 for the Toggle Switch, In Line Connectors, and Extension Connectors, 2 Mounting screws for the Toggle Switch, Finally is the pigtail 4 pin connector. Tools Needed: A 9/16" wrench, a 3/4" wrench and an adjustable set of pliers and wire strippers, and Teflon tape. 700R4 Lock-Up Kit 200-4R Lock-Up Kit If you have any questions, comments or would like to purchase a lock-up kit give us a call at 1-800-708-0087

700R4 Transmission - Check Ball Locations
On this video we see the factory check-ball locations for this particular model. I also share with you the alternative check-ball locations that I have been using for many years on 700's. The rule of thumb I share with you here Only applies to 700's. If you have a bathtub with 2 holes, it takes a check-ball. If your bathtub only has a square or one hole, no check-ball. I also recommend you pick up a repair manual where you are buying your parts. They should have one there.

700R4 Problems
My start at being my own transmission mechanic, hasn't gone well. I tried to give a little more life to my old transmission, by giving it bigger serveros, to put more pressure on the burnt clutches. I screwed that up, it was very difficult to get the servo in, wile the transmission was in the van. I have now "sanded out" the damage I caused in the servo bore, and put the original servo back in. The new servo will just be in the new transmission. I will now ride out the transmission in the van, until I lose third and fourth, next spring or summer I am hoping, or maybe when I get my garage built. (I now have spousal permission to build a real garage w heat :-)). I got an 84 transmission, that also needs a rebuild, for $100. The newest transmission I can use is 92, and that's 20 years old. I figured I would rebuild whatever I get. There is too many scammers out there that want $1000 for their "rebuilt" transmission. Most of them haven't even cleaned the thing, what is to say its "rebuilt", and its not rebuilt the way I want anyway. So this is a video of the servo screw up and the start of the rebuild of my 84 transmission. Parts are on there way. Although the 85-92 trans was better than 84 this one will be built for towing, and a future diesel conversion, better than anything 20 years old.

Monster Transmission Shift Levels
Steve from Monster Transmission's Testing Dept. explains the different shift levels Monster offers. Then go on actual test drives to see the difference first hand in Monster's Stock '93 Chevy Silverado 5.7. This test truck has stock gear ratio and only minor modifications for testing purposes. The purpose of this video is to help everyone get a better understanding of the different shift levels. Here are three options for your transmission's shift: Level 1 : Shift level one has a stock factory shift with small modifications to improve durability of the transmission. Level 2 : Shift level two is a firmer shift for mild performance and towing applications. Level 3 : Shift level three is for high performance vehicles using a high stall converter. This is the Shift level for clients that want a tire burning shift so they can say 'Eat My Shift!' Now introducing Monster Transmission's new level Four transmission! Get your shift from Monster Transmission online: Or give us a call at: 800-708-0087