Greg's 1970 LS6 Chevelle 5th 1/4 mile run at Reynolds low 12's fastest run 12.2's at 111 mph

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Wrecks to Riches | S02E06 | 72 Chevelle "The Green Car"
Barry White and his team have always been into recycling big time. They rebuild left-for-dead junkers into stunning showroom Super Muscle. But this time they're going for broke; full-on, tree-hugging torque with an enviro-friendly '71 Chevrolet Chevelle. Just how do you build a 'green' hot rod? You need more than a change of color. The plan for this eco-overhaul calls for improved mileage, reduced emissions and non-toxic paint, just for starters. And to help Barry 'correct' this former gas-guzzling Chevelle, he gets extra muscle from a possie of Prison Guards who know all about Correctional Facilities. In four weeks they'll need to bring the last of the original oil-thirsty Muscle Cars into the climate-aware 21st Century, in time for Barry's second 'home' auction. But who wants to buy a 'Hippy Hot Rod'? Paint and Body guy Tony can't think of anyone. But Barry, Jen and Chris think it's the way of the future. Can Barry's Speed Shop turn into a Green House?

PINKS '87 Toyota Supra vs '69 Chevelle

Greg's 1970 LS6 Chevelle 1st 1/4 mile run at Reynolds low 12's

'72 Chevelle NIGHTMARE Sound System RE-DO - Tuned, Finished, Sent home! Video 10
See the current progress pictures here: fix-worst-install-by-a-shop-ever-fiberglass-amptrunkbox-trim-piece-52213/#e ntry2437339 Install like a pro! Use SMD install tools and SunFlash, UV Activated resin available here - ! Please watch videos 1 thru 9 to see the mess i started with. Here is video 10 of the nightmare sound system re-do. This video shows the interior back in and the final tuning of the crossovers/equalizers/amplifiers. He is planning on getting new white bucket seats so don't mind the dirty white ones that are in there now. They will be changed soon! Anyway, the system sounds great! Watch the previous 9 video's to understand what WAS there and see how it became what it is now. Watch the entire playlist from beginning to end to fully understand how far this car has came. No, there will not be any speakers in the rear at all. Front stage only. the system consists of: 1 Pioneer CD Player Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 Signal Processor (x-over, eq) Rockford Fosgate P1000.1 (Bass) Rockford Fosgate P400.2 (Mids) Rockford Fosgate P200.2 (tweets) Rockford Fosgate T3 6.5" Midrange (2 sets) Rockford Fosgate T3 1" Tweeters (2 sets) 2 Rockfod Fosgate P3 15" Subwoofers Mechman 250a Billettech 6phase Alternator 2 Optima Yellow Tops (G34) Rockford Fosgate Power wire SkyHigh Audio Fusing SMD/D'Amore Engineering RCA's Bluetooth Streaming from Iphone/Android Also, yes, it IS A 72. It has a 70 Front clip on it. Thanks! Please visit my site and join the forum if you would like to send me a polite comment, i will probably respond! Other ways to find me are listed below: Follow my Twitter @ : Facebook Fan Page: