Audi RS6 Dyno Run

Avus Silver Stock 450HP Dyno Run

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RS6 V8 Twin turbo
on Dyno Jet

Audi RS6 MTM
Testdrive with an Audi RS6 tuned by MTM

RS6 with muffler removed
Hy Octane's amazing RS6 w/ muffler removed with customized 4 port Exhaust

2003 Audi RS6 Base-line dyno run
2003 Audi RS6 getting a baseline before the new ECU/TCU goes in. Car only has a Miltek Exhaust right now. Run one did 374hp and 377 tq, second run did 388 hp and 367 tq. Both runs the car ran 11.8psi and by the 3rd and 4th run the computer pulled the max Boost down to 9psi which is the stock limitations. That gave me a true number of 336 whp and 353.5 wtq. ECU is now getting remapped and the TCU is in route to be redone at 034 Motorsports. Should run 18 psi when done. Is a bit lean on the top end where it goes to 13.1:1 A/F. Thats with a tailpipe sniffer and with the high flow cats an Exhaust which I think may be causing the little bit of lean on the top end.