1990 cummins cold start

6" mbrp stacks, autometer Boost and pyro, afc dialed in all the way with bd fuel pin and spring, prince of darkness 100hp injectors, hx35 turbo, 5 speed manual

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Old school vs. new school Cummins style
Just my Dad and I messing around in the snow. 91 W250 and an 03 Ram 2500 both powered by the best engines ever built CUMMINS. 03 is stock except K&N intake 91 is far from stock (Twins,PODS,Dynamic Timing advance,Fuel pin,3200 gov spring,3rd gen Intercooler,3rd gen intake horn, ARP head studs,straighpiped to stacks,NV4500 converion,13" clutch, 3.54 gears with locker, rebuilt engine, ported head, 6" custom built lift and much more....) Enjoy

600hp Cummins Cold Start
Dodge cummins cold start in about 40 degree weather..

First Gen 12 Valve CUMMINS BUILD! *CLEANEST 1992 EVER!*
Its FINALLY HERE! The truck channel! I'm so excited to get this started and to be able to share it with you! So today my father and I came across a craigslist ad for a MINT CONDITION 1992 dodge cummins 12 Valve... We loved that year of truck and most of all the MOTOR! The 12 valve cummins is the HOLLY GRAIL of diesel motors. We couldn't pass it up and so its now ours! This is just the first of MANY MANY MANY truck videos coming! I'm also buying a 2nd gen 12 valve very soon! So please stay in touch and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching and take care! ------------------------------------------------------------- First Gen 12 Valve CUMMINS BUILD! *CLEANEST 1992 EVER!* keywords: cummins diesel 12 valve cummins diesel 1992 12 valve cummins dodge cummins 24 valve cummins lifted cummins old school 12 valve cummins diesel first get cummins diesel 1st gen cummins diesel build cummins diesel cummins turbo diesel 5.9 12 valve cummins diesel truck diesel truck channel lifted dodge cummins 1992 dodge cummins 12 valve diesel

Dodge cummins cold start, lots of smoke
Dodge Cummins Cold start. Unplugged 8 degrees