1970 Olds W31

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1970 Olds W31v
The W-31 was a Cutlass with a 350 CID Performance Option, not a 442 Option and was only built for 2 seasons, in 1969 and 1970. Engine upgrades included the use of what's become known as the 308 camshaft, which was actually the unit's duration; the camshaft also touted .474-inch lift and an intake/Exhaust valve overlap of 82 degrees. The engines were factory blue printed units by picking components off the production line that were matched in weight. The Connecting rods for the W-31 engine were particular to the engine The Cylinder heads were also specific to the W-31 Completing the fuel/air induction system was an aluminum intake manifold with a "performance calibrated" 750-CFM Rochester Quadrajet (part number 7040255), as well as the W25 low-restriction air cleaner assembly. Above that was a new-for-1970 air induction system: twin scoops on top of a fiberglass hood with chrome hold-downs.

1970 Cutlass W-31
Part of the DetroitDemigod collection on DA (DeviantArt.com) http://detroitdemigod.deviantart.com/ 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 350-cid (W-31) http://detroitdemigod.deviantart.com/art/70-Olds-W-31-V-138449998 Detroit, MI August 15th 2011 Pre-Woodward Dream Cruise Video taken with Kodak EasyShare Z10212 IS (720 HD)

1968 was the first year for the W31 option. 1970 used the same special 350 engine as 1968-69. OAI, the outside air induction hood as the 1970 442 W30, and manual brakes only. Letter M in VIN for Lansing. Standard or Automatic transmission. Die cast W31 Emblems. Same body stripping as W30. High speed heavy duty harmonic balancer as 1968, 1969. W350 raised letters on aluminum manifold. 442 dual Exhaust bumper not standard on W31. Here are the production figures for the 1970 W31: Model3277F85 Club Coupe; 207 units. Model 3677 Cutlass Sport Coupe; 116 units, Model 3687 Cutlass Hardtop: 1,029 units. Total W31 for 1970 is 1,352 units. Notice something peculiar? No convertibles are listed. Only 26 W31 convertibles were made and only in 1969. This example shown here is a CLONE! Man, I hate when people clone their cars into something they are not originally. The show tag on the windshield said " 1970 " so until I researched the W31 Cutlass, did I realized that I was mislead. Instead of the word clone, perhaps I should use the word fraud. Besides this Cutlass' appearance being rather nice, well that's all I will say about it. Thanks for viewing this 1970 Olds Cutlass convertible.

1970 Oldsmobile W31