"MEAN GREEN" Top Truck Freestyle

605 Cubic inch Big Block powered 1941 Chevy Truck tears it up at the Barnyard Bogger Top Truck Challenge. Clears a 25 foot gap jump by a good 20-30 feet.

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Chevy vs Ford Mega Mud Truck Tug O War
2 Mega Mud Trucks put on a great show with a Tug O War chevy vs ford. Heath and his bad ass 1941 chevy mega mud truck takes on the Monster John Deere Tractor. DVDs & APPAREL - A Mud Truck Tug of War Goes Bad when a Truck Bends its Frame in Half! The driver Miles bends his truck . Watch these two Mega Trucks tug of war at Michigan Mud Jam 2015. Ford vs Chevy, who did you think as going to win? Jimmy in the Ford stalls out and finds . Thanks to every one that brought there trucks out to the truck show!!

44" Class at Pineland mud bog in southeast Texas near Pineland, Texas 6/4/11 Be sure to check us out on Facebook at Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors for all the latest updates! http://www.facebook.com/TripleX.Motorsports

MEAN GREEN '41 Barnyard Boggers Top Truck Course
This 1941 chevy pickup is one nasty mud bogger. Packing a 605 BB with plenty of hp to boot and having Heath Combes behind the wheel makes this a truck to watch out for! The Barnyard Boggers top truck challenge

Crazy Cooter Top Truck Course
Crazy Cooter tears up the Barnyard Boggers Top Truck Challenge! Thanks to all the Fridays 4X4 guys for representing!