XFORCE VAREX Holden Commodore VE SS Sportswagon Performance Exhaust(HD)

XFORCE Performance Full Exhaust System for Holden Commodore VE Sportswagon SS. This full stainless steel Exhaust system includes :1"3/4 header and twin 3" hi-flow racing cats , and twin 2.5" cat-back system with Varex rear mufflers (in 3" inlet"). Varex Exhaust creates the quiet , near stock(standard) sound, and hi-performance V8 sports notes by the click of buttons. It also produce significant power gains.

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VE SSV - V8 Full Xforce Exhaust - Idol/Rev + Driving
Hey hey guys - super happy with these new additions to the wagon, really feel the difference! After looking through SO many youtube videos to try and choose the right set-up for me I thought I would make my own to try and help anyone looking to do this style of setup to there v6/8. DEFIANTLY worth it - major bang for buck in my eyes! Current setup- is - X-force 1 3/8 headers, highflow cats, 3in MS Cat-Back, OTR, maflesstune - 262rwkw BIG THANKS TO RUSSOS PERFORMANCE!! love it :)

Tekno reviews XForce VAREX exhaust system
Tekno Autosports' Jonathon Webb gives us the low down on fitting a Varex muffler to a V8 powered Holden VF Commodore SS-V and shows us some other innovative products by XForce. _____________________________________ VAREX™ mufflers combine both the design technology of the stock muffler and the performance muffler into one single compact unit. A sophisticated butterfly valve mechanism is implemented to redirect the Exhaust gas flow and vary be-tween the two. For higher sound level, the Exhaust flows are directed through the opening path and produces maximum power with a robust sound level (or the “sports car note”) and near-zero resistance.

Commodore VE SS X-Force twin 3 inch exhaust start up 1st time
Just fitted up the X-Force 3 inch twin Exhaust system to my 2007 VE SS, after removing the stock cat back section and OPG diff-back stainless glass-packed muffler section. Less drone, more growl.... B)

Varex remote control muffler.
Ignition DVD takes a look at the new noise reducing muffler from X-Force Exhaust.