Caravan cavalier villager tribute

The cav is my daily driver the 1966 Mustang the dodge caravan and the special edition villager are used for show .

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A Requiem For My Caravan
A tribute to first vehicle I've ever loved and lost, my '94 Dodge Caravan. It belonged to my uncle, my mom, my sister, then me, but I loved it most of all. I'll never know exactly what killed it, something in the engine we believe. It had just passed inspection two weeks earlier. It tried its best to keep going and managed to get me home one last time. Watching the tow truck haul it away this morning for scrap broke my heart. The ten gallons or so of gas I couldn't get out of the tank hurt even worse. (FYI, the broken window has nothing to do with the Caravan's demise, I did that last April backing into a tree.)

Dodge Caravan Tribute
DODGE GRAND CARAVANS and some other mopars i own. did a lot to the 1994 grand caravan

1993 caddy fuel filter
How to change a fuel filter on a 93 Cadillac Deville

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