bmw e34 530i

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BMW E34 530i V8 meets 535i R6
530i V8 Automatik meets 535i R6 5-Speed

diabeł opel omega mv6 3.0

My Bmw E34 530i/5 speed 3.0 V8, just wanted to give you guys a quick review on my car because my car is more than just a car to me. Just sharing my love for this vehicle and wanted to show you guys a little bit about the e34 life, quick all around review on my car what type of modifications I've done to the car to my appealing. Got some cool Exhaust clips in here as well sounds really nice with a muffler delete couldn't be any happier. Going to be posting a whole lotta more car content i also make skateboard videos if anyone is interested, just want to give you guys a visual of my life and how i do what i like to do and fun while filming it and sharing it with you guys. Still running strong with 193,xxx miles and many more to come ! THIS CAR IS 5 SPEED SWAPPED ON MY BUDDY'S CHANNEL- WANNA GIVE A SHOUT TO STACHCAM FOR HELPING OUT A LOT WITH THE CAR, CHECK OUT HIS CHANNEL IF YOU LOVE BMW E34'S- P.S.- I left a lot of stuff out because i couldn't think about everything at the time filming this lol. I am not perfect and i am only human :) SUBSCRIBE !

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