91 spirit r/t- Work in progress

New video coming this spring, 2012, now that ill have my alcohol injection and new turbo, cylinder head and refreshed motor.

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Spirit dohc
Spirit dohc

1991 Dodge Spirit RT Turbo III vs. 2015 Corvette
Filmed in Mexico !

Dodge spirit R/T big turbo
Here's my 91 dodge spirit RT, this is a fresh build on the engine and engine only has ran for 10 minutes prior to this video, still have to run my crankcase evap system and a few other things but it's for the most part ready to rock, little about the build, any questions please ask.. Engine is a 2.2 with a forged and balanced crank shaft turned down 10/20 with Brian crower age 625+ rods with .866 pins and t3 custom wiseco pistons. Block was decked, bored, alignment honed, custom cross drilling to my specification(secret) Elgin custom cams also to my specific preference they're very similar to a stage two with a few differences(overlap and duration) new Holset HE351CW turbo with billet compressor wheel 64 x 90 x 94 made from turbo lab. Extremely ported lotus head with Cummins valve guides+seals. Port matched Exhaust and intake manifold, new fuel tank with new Aeromotive stealth 340 fuel pump with homemade pickup, an8 PTFE stainless braid feed line with 100 micron pre filter and 40 micron final filter, an6 PTFE return line, an8 custom fuel rail I made myself, an8 fuel pressure regulator, Boost by gear custom Boost controller, dual stage Devils own methanol injection much more! I'm forgetting a lot but a huge shout out to everyone who has helped me build this car, here's a quick list of some of the people sorry if I missed you, I've met a lot of awesome people during my build FWD Performance, LoneWolf Performance, bay speed, turbos Unleashed, Ellgin cams, turbo-lab, Spec, Cometic, Wiseco, Brian Crower, EBAY, and finally friend and family! More vids to come soon

1989 Dodge Spirit ES Montage
a montage of my beast being reborn after a fatal cracked head due to a previous owners carelessnes.