DMN Saloons @ Brands 2010 on board Honda Integra DC5

DMN Saloons @ Brands Hatch which involves a big crash at the end.All drivers OK but 2 cars written off due to one idiot driver

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Golf R vs Integra TypeR JR
Golf R Revo stage 1 Integra dc5 typeR JR Supercharger

Legends cars Big crash Brands hatch 2010
A big impact for John mickell at Paddock hill bend in the 3rd and final legends race on sunday 18th April 2010. Supporting the BTRA Truck superprix. It appears he was "pushed" off by possibly Niki meredith (No95). Apologies for the 'screech' when the accident happened, damn people sitting behind me!

KAD Works Spec Mini Twin Cam race engine on dyno
A works spec 2009 engine being Dyno run at KAD. This engine produces 194 bhp at 9000rpm with 121 lb-ft of torque. These power figures are taken on a calibrated Dyno and have been corrected for atmospheric pressure and Dyno cell temperature. All steel bottom end, JE 74mm motorcycle pistons, Farndon crank, Farndon custom rods with full Omex engine management on Jenvey throttle bodies. Running on Shell Optimax pump fuel

Honda Integra Type-R vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evo vs Subaru Impreza STi GC8
- Honda Integra Type-R DC2 with b20vtec engine 240hp - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ~300hp - Subaru Impreza STi GC8 300+ hp - Cameraman - Mitsubishi Colt with 4G63 Evo 9 Engine