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vinterkul 2009
iskörning utanför laxå..

HD High Altitude Balloon JHAB2 Lost in Space...
The second flight of the JHAB project. The plan was a 2 hour flight, launched pre-dawn, to attempt to capture the sunrise, then land in Murrieta valley (30 miles from launch) -- However due to to a bad reading from the digital scale, we only had 3lbs of lift vs the planned 5.5 lbs of lift! This caused JHAB to lift very slowly, getting caught in a tree after liftoff, (bumping the GoPro HD camera to an angle) and then head the opposite direction - out towards the pacific ocean! The video chronicles her voyage, and luckily her recovery! See more at Music by Jan Jendrkowiak © (error in the intro slide - shows Oct 9th, should say Oct 8th, funny how you look at something 100 times before publishing and still miss it)

Malmby 20110604 Moppedragrace Del 1 TRT
Tiveden Racing Team Calle 1:a 50cc Veteran, Ludde 3:e tid 90cc Promod

Köra sönder Volvo
Det var en jävel till att hålla