Ignition switch repair Plymouth Neon

Ignition switch actuator pin. Napa PN is 6201414. The MFR part number is 924-704 (Dorman) thanks user "countdingo" for looking this up Here is a quick vid on a Plymouth neon that had a no start issue, turned out to be a broken mechanism for the ignition switch; in this clip I will be removing the multifunction switch, therefore that will be covered as well. the dodge neon uses the same process

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Ignition Switch Actuator Pin Repair Installation Video
Ignition Switch Actuator Pin Repair Installation Video demonstrated on a PT Cruiser. The procedure is very similar on Wranger, Liberty and Neon for this part. Part Number 924-704.

Dodge neon wont start
Wondering what is causing my 2000 dodge neon not to start. It gives a click then acts as though it will start but no go! Not even a rev. I've changed the camshaft position sensor (CPS) by suggestion of the clerk at o'riellys auto parts. It also was having trouble shifting so I guess I see why he suggested it. Now I just have the issue of not starting in the first place. It's very intermittent and will start on occasion a few times in a row then starts over with the same no crank no start scenario. Ive taken the starter out and had it checked at autozone and it passed. A few times. I brushed off the terminal bolt and made sure everything was tip top with the battery terminals. Any ideas would be helpful!! Oh! And hen I did the key dance the OBD codes I got were p1684 and p1685. The first one is disconnected battery removing the starter and replacing the CPS) the second came up as SKIM key incorrect. I still don't get i though. *UPDATE* I didn't realize this video had any comments on it! I apologize for my negligence, lol. It ended up being a combination of things. I replaced these all at the same time, and so this is the list(don't worry it's short): I unscrewed the small grounding wires along the front of the engine (specifically the ones connecting to the body frame right up front atop the radiator. Just open the hood and look, they're right there in front of you) and I took a wire brush over both contact points. I checked my neutral safety switch, which shifts the transmission into Neutral when in park to let the engine crank when starting. Upon investigation I found that one of the three wires that attach to the rubber harness you unplug to remove the neutral safety switch, was loose within the plastic wire insulation. So I replaced the harness by clipping/stripping the wires where they were still good to remove and replace the old rubber harness with a new one. Super cheap, no worries! Lastly I unplugged the two PCM wire harnesses located on the driver side behind the headlight. You can access them by unscrewing the 2 bolts holding the air filter housing box and lifting it up to expose these 2 grey harnesses. BE SURE NOT TO MIX THESE TWO UP! I unplugged one at a time to prevent a mix up, and blew air duster across the pins in each harness and including the corresponding slots of the PCM. This is all I did to fix it! I removed the starter and took it to autozone to check it, TWICE it is fine! Checked the battery voltage with a multimeter, it was fine! Checked ALL relay and regular fuses, they were fine! Had a friend mechanic check the SKIM key(grey key) and the halo in the ignition column, both checked out fine! I wouldn't rule anything out for yours, but this is what fixed mine! Check these out first, as most are free! Trust me, these are the only things i fixed and it has been running ever since! Its been well over a year running now!

if your Car/Truck Key won't turn, here is a Quick fix -UNCUT
some ppl have asked to send me a donation for helping them out, thanks all that have donated, anything is appreciated: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=QJPVE9 UMV8SE4 If your key won't turn or is stuck, no matter how much you wiggle it, turn the steering wheel, or press the brake, then you might want to try this. But use as a last resort, at your own risk. This is pretty common in Jeeps, at first my key wont turn in the ignition, but if I wiggling it a little it will eventually work. I have been doing this for over a year now. Until today, no matter how much I wiggle the key, turn the steering wheel, press the brake, it will not turn. I'm totally locked. So I did some research and found out that it is the lock cylinder that has gone bad and I need to have a local locksmith replace it at a cost of about $120 in parts and $50 in labor. Another option is to tow it to a Jeep dealer and pay over $900 for a entire steering column. OR You can just take a hammer or rubber mallet and hit the end of the key, this will bent the copper latch piece allowing you to start your jeep.

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