Agency Power Complete Exhaust Video Porsche Cayenne S 2011

Submitted in response to Here is the complete video of the new Agency Power Super Sport Exhaust for the V8 2011 Porsche Cayenne S. We showcase the Exhaust revving, inside driving, and a couple drive bys. Enjoy!

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2011 Porsche Cayenne TT SharkWerks Cat Bypass Pipes Demonstration - The Shark Werks Cayenne TT Bypass Exhaust replaces the existing OEM secondary catalytic converters. The OEM Cayenne Exhaust system has four catalytic converters: the secondary cats are primarily to reduce noise. The horsepower benefits are significant when eliminating the secondary cats. Using stainless steel materials and a CNC mandrel tube bender, we created a pair of single-piece, high-flow pipes. We created an analog to the OEM system that uses OEM-sized diameter tubing and a factory fit flange for installation. The result is a sporty sound without resonance or drone, more horsepower, and reduced turbo lag (on turbo models). We also made an extra effort to use the OEM catalyst mounts by designing compatible hangers.

Porsche 958 Cayenne S with Maxflo Exhaust System
Porsche 958 Cayenne S with the Maxflo Performance Exhaust system. The package consists of the secondary catbypass pipes, dual-canister Maxflo Mufflers with quad-outlet deluxe tips, and BMC F1 air filters. Video taken 5/20/2011

Porsche Cayenne S | Tubi Style Exhaust

2011 Cayenne S - Lots of mods
2011 Cayenne S - Remus Exhaust / Fabspeed Cat Bypass, BMC drop in air filters, Eurocharged Tune...Exterior Mods.