Worlds First 10 Second Bone Stock Nissan R35 GTR 10.87@125 World Record Quickest Stock R35 GTR @ Palm Beach International Raceway.

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80mm Turbo cobra motor mustang vs Bolt-on GTR
Mustang:80mm turbo, 03-04 terminator cobra motor, T-56 tranny, gutted, e-85, WHP unknown R35 GTR: Basic bolt-ons... intake, Exhaust, tune, ID 1000 injectors, e-85, stock turbos, show wheels with low profile tires. 585awhp/593trq on a Mustang Dyno

Alpha Omega GT-R INSANE 190mph 1/4 mile pass!
This car is just an absolute monster! Stay tuned for the new 1/4 mile record video! Alpha Omega stats: 0-60MPH 1.58 sec 0-100MPH 2.85 sec 60-130MPH 2.46 sec 100-150MPH 2.20 sec 0-300KPH 7.72 sec For more info on Alpha GTR packages please visit here. ance-Upgrade-Packages.html

Worlds highest stock 2009 GTR dyno vs Tune only Dyno
TRC GTR Stock vs Tune only Dyno

Tuned Nissan GTR vs Ford Shelby GT500
TRC GTR- tune only 511whp/501tq vs 2012 Ford Shelby Cobra bone stock