turbo mustang

stock 5.0 with hellion kit and powerglide 6.80 pass on radials

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Turbo Exhaust Whistle Test
Here is a test of the turbo Exhaust whistle on my Ford Focus. The turbo Exhaust whistle is supposed to make a regular car sound like it has a turbocharger on it. The turbo Exhaust whistle fits inside of the Exhaust tip on a car, and it makes a whistling noise when you rev up the engine. You can buy a turbo Exhaust whistle for less than ten dollars on eBay. Watch this video review of the turbo Exhaust whistle to see if you need one.

cummins burnout
01 cummins 6spd H.O. 150hp injectors edge juice with hot unlocked

JMS - 1993 Mustang 61mm Turbo = 504rwhp 519ft-lbs
JMS- Chris Keller's 1993 Manual Mustang Hellion turbo Kit, 60# inj, Stock ShortBlock, E303 Cam, Holley Intake, Edelbrock Heads Pump Gas @ 9psi, turbonetics 61mm Custom JMS ECM Calibration 504rwhp - 519ft-lbs on 93 Octane!! JMS has been calibrating this car since the 1990's! At JMS we make fast cars even faster! www.jmschip.com 601-766-9424 At JMS we are forced induction experts. Find JMS on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jms-Chip/110445275716582 JMS on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jmschip

Dart 331 MP T-70 @12 psi
turbo Foxbody Mustang Dart 331 AFR 185 Competition Heads Custom Cam Holley System Max Intake C-4 Trans 60 LB Injectors Aeromotive Fuel System SCT Tuning / Lazzaro Tuned www.poweraddersolutions.com Power Adder Solutions Inc 2011 owns all rights to the making of this video, Power Adder Solutions Inc Own No Rights to any music as they are for entertainment purposes only and should be added for purchase through appropriate media. Copyright 2011