turbo mustang

stock 5.0 with hellion kit and powerglide 6.80 pass on radials

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1993 Mustang LX Turbo
1993 Ford Mustang Foxbody LX, built with Hellion turbo

Hellion "Heat" Kit on 8lbs Dyno Tune
8lb break in tune. 435hp / 460tq http://www.hellionpowersystems.com the kit: http://www.hellionpowersystems.com/data.heat.html http://www.motivaperformance.com/ http://www.racingsouthwest.com PS. I know you love that parking break light! No it is not on. haha.

turbo mustang
turbo 5.0 with glide

Fastlane Motorsports - Hellion Turbocharged 88 Mustang LX Fox
Hellion 62mm turbo, built shortblock, HCI, Fastlane Custom Tuning, NC, 1-800-457-6166, 515HP