Ford Cougar V6

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Ford Cougar (Dennis Hopper) - 1990's UK Advert
Ford Cougar (Dennis Hopper) - 1990's UK Advert

Ford Cougar 2.5 V6 200 kmh
A short video in my friend's Cougar. We didn't meant to achive the car's top speed, just having some fun. The car is a 2.5 V6 24v 2000 Ford Cougar. Responsible for that sweet sound is the Issota exaust. I'm sorry for the camera going all over the place, but we didn't initially meant to edit and upload the vids... maybe in the future we'll try and make one of higher quality. p.s. Sound track: Jin - Peel off

Ford Cougar Club Mod Meet
A few of us met up at Shagmonkeys house for a mod-meet! Thanks to Paul for letting us use his place and for making the awesome sausages! :D

An attempt at the revival of a name. || 1998 Mercury Cougar V6 || Full Tour
I upload car videos often! Subscribe here - Request cars for me to film here! soooo, a few things: 1. Even though the internet says the 8th gen Cougar started in 1999, this one was built in May of 1998, thus why I was calling it a '98. 2. No 4k because my computer can't handle it anymore. 3. This is more of an "old" style video, just simply looking at the car and saying things as I go, instead of going crazy with history and whatnot. Hope you all enjoy! [INSTAGRAM] [FACEBOOK] [TWITTER] [WHEELWELL BRAND] [SNAPCHAT] tdbyt