Chevrolet Colorado - G-80 Xtreme Edition

Immediately after its counterpart, Chevrolet also presented one interesting stuff to Thai truck industry, even though that's contrasting with energy crisis. The Colorado with G-80 Xtreme Edition package. Limited of course. You won't only get the uniquely G-80 rear differential lock, but also with well-made bullbar, sportsbar that won't block the brakelight, front and side bug guards, and special sticker only for this edition. In fact, I already had seen this edition from Motor Expo 2007. But only minor-advertise along with new model. This GM ad in Thailand also a first one which featured GM Next logo. PLEASE READ THIS: said that we are selling Chevrolet LUV D-Max. That's all fake. One right-hand-drive LUV has been performed an experimental run with diesel engine in somewhere of US. Maybe Thailand has been sold LUV but that's a story before I was born. We're already also having this Chevy truck as Colorado as US name. Not LUV.

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Chevrolet Colorado CNG
For Thai market, Colorado and Optra become the Chevrolet models with possibilities to create the CNG bi-fuel vehicles. Only Colorado rolls out slower. We might say it is Thailand's first CNG intended one tonner to the market, YES. It rolls out for first time in 29THBiMS. 3 choices in lineup: 2 for X-Cab and 1 for S-Cab. Standard-height 4x2 only. X-Cab LT as shown in this ad. Just like Optra's: it's a bi-fuel system with CNG tank and driver's switch to select between of course. And that's diesel fuel (even B5) and CNG fuel. The tank perhaps it's 80 water-litre capacity. But it's all certified within its head valve. The engine is the modified 4JK1-TC (116PS) for this modified one tonner of course. Location of tank lay safely in well-kept box so this may disturbed some of its bed cargo area. Few other manufacturers tried to be different from this by not let the tank lay on cargo bed. And so from now, there are 2 competitors for this CNG pickup. Somehow I'm afraid if its tank can cause a problem to the ride & handling by that additional weight. While other brands with pickup but without CNG said that isn't quite a good idea. Pickups need torque and torque. With CNG maybe a waste for torque. So that's why they don't. And that's one of few rewards for Thailand by GM Next.

Chevrolet 2008 Colorado
It must be stated that they are Thai models, unrelated with North American. They just got intensive update since first 4 years ago, with several changes and new features, stronger-than-ever chassis. Everything else remained the same. As the matter of fact, this ad was launch early November before official launch day. And of couse, near another important event...

Chevy Colorado Pickup Commercial (Thailand)
Chevy Colorado Pickup Truck Commercial Brazil

2015 Chevy Colorado: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Wrong Side Up
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