Volvo C70 Burnout 3

My 98 C70 with A K24, turbo Tuner, Downpipe, TME Cat Back, Eibach Coils, Koni Adjustables, IPD 25 F, 28 mm Rear Sway Bars, V70R Front Bumper Cover, Jewels, XC Grill, Etc.

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Volvo C70 Burnout 2
K24, TT

300hp volvo c70 t5 downpipe exhaust sound
300hp volvo c70 t5 downpipe Exhaust sound

Volvo C70 2.4T no cat
My Volvo C70 2.4T 3" Downpipe without cat and Friedrich Motorsport Exhaust (from Volvo 850R)

2007 Volvo C70 T5 Convertible - See the Retractable Hard Top In Action!
This beautiful 2007 Volvo C70 Convertible, powered by a 5 cylinder turbocharged motor, provides great fuel economy and performance, as well as the durability and great looks of a hard top and the sunny day enjoyment of a convertible. See details and lots of STILL photos at: