Volvo C70 Burnout 3

My 98 C70 with A K24, turbo Tuner, Downpipe, TME Cat Back, Eibach Coils, Koni Adjustables, IPD 25 F, 28 mm Rear Sway Bars, V70R Front Bumper Cover, Jewels, XC Grill, Etc.

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Volvo C70 Burnout 2
K24, TT

Volvo S40, Grille Removal
I am NOT responsible for any damage you may cause to your car, removing parts is done at your own risk. To see the full write up, please visit

volvo c70 Burnout, hoosier
Hoosier drag 26x8,5-15"

300hp volvo c70 t5 downpipe exhaust sound
300hp volvo c70 t5 downpipe Exhaust sound