r32 gtst launch

my 1990 gts-t type M doing what it does best

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R32 GTST vs 2012 R35
layin the smack down on a 2012 GTR, pulled roughly a car and a half i had 2 passengers and a trunk full of shit including a full size spare tire, my set up is a rb25 hy35 at 22psi with water meth. cheap and dirty FTW

R32 Gtst Rb20 @ Downshift Circuit & Coffee
380hp unopened rb20

Nissan Skyline RB20 2nd gear pull
R32 Skyline doing a second gear pull with new holset hy35 turbo

0-140km/h R32 Skyline GTS-T 20PSI
Tested launch control and acceleration on 20PSI out of a standard engine making 240 rwhp