Mercedes E63 AMG drag racing and burnout!

Click for more info: This is the E-class AMG model drag racing. It performed a time of 12.91 the first time with early braking and with a terrible start it performed 13.22 the second time.

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The 850 HP E63 by Weistec Engineering - /TUNED
Matt Drives the 850 horsepower E63 on an empty toll road. Can he keep some tire on the car or will this be another episode of rolling burnouts?

Mercedes E63 AMG Sound V8 Biturbo 5,5l Start Up Exhaust + Acceleration 2014 W212 Beschleunigung
First Sound Check! BMW M5 F10 Sound : E63 AMG Burnout / Donuts :

E63 AMG Burnout!

E63 Biturbo Burnout at the Barber Shop
Lil burnout for the boys at the Barber Shop! thanks Eddie for taking the video!