Cutting your S10 Wheel to fit

New style S10/Sonoma wheels do not fit older S10's with out some trimming..this movie shows you how to do it your self for $14 and keep that Clean OEM Look!

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Wheel Adapter Mistake.mp4 The Most common mistake made when installing wheel adapters or wheel spacers is the studs from the vehicle hitting the second piece of a two piece adapter or the back of the wheel with a one piece adapter or spacer.

Stripping aluminum S-10 rims like new
Just a video on how i cleaned up my wheels

How to clean your wheels the good way
How to clean your wheels. The good way. No damage was done to wheels by putting the face of the wheel downwards the pavement. now i'am always putting something under the wheel (floormate/rubbermat). Original song has been removed by Youtube... :(