Lamborghini Gallardo vs BMW M5 E60

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Porsche 997 GT3 vs BMW M5 E60

Lamborghini Gallardo vs BMW E60 M5
Facebook: Twitter: (more) A Lamborghini Gallardo vs BMW E60 M5. The Gallardo is completely stock, while the M5 has Eisenmann race Exhaust, H&R suspension, 20" Incurve IC-S5, RPI scoops, block off plates, and BMC filters.

Supercar Crashes - Lamborghini Edition | Video DIgest
A compilation of Lamborghini crashes!! Everyone who loves a Lamborghini will probably cringe at the sight of them getting destroyed but it's a pretty great car crash compilation with Lamborghini's only. The last video is in there just for humor, I know it's not a crash lol.

[4k] 1001 HP Bugatti Veyron Dutchbugs vs BMW M5 E34 Turbo 900 RWHP by AG
View from the BMW: Thanks to Dutchbugs for coming to Sweden! ► Subscribe here: ------------------------------­­­---------­------ ► Instagram: ------------------------------­­­---------­------ ► Like us: ------------------------------­­­---------­------