Driving a 600hp Stock Car at Pocono Raceway 170mph on the last lap

Pay some money and you get to drive your very own NASCAR Stock Car...My fastest lap around the 2.5 mile oval was my last lap and got a 1:13 and hit 170mph The driver in front of me was the instructor...and if you listen to the engine of my car you can plainly see and hear that he just didn't want me to go any faster..but i was ready to

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Drive a REAL Nascar at Pocono Raceway!
Stock car driving school in Pennyslvania, NASCAR driving school, Drive a 600 HP Nextel Cup style stockcar on the 2.5 mile super speedway at Pocono Raceway. Ride or Drive in 600 HP stock cars on the famous NASCAR track Pocono Raceway. We offer stock car experiences ranging from a 3-lap Ride to an 80-Mile Drive.

Drive Your Own Car at Pocono Raceway
www.877stockcar.com Here is an in car video of one of our customers doing our Drive Your Own Experience. "How do I get my own car on the track?" If you're one of the many that has driven our race cars and has pondered this question, our Drive Your Own Experience will have you exploring the limits of your car. With NO SPEED LIMITS, DRIVER COACHING AND 2 X 20 MINUTE SESSIONS on the 2.5 mile Super Speedway Pocono Raceway.

Driving a NASCAR Stock Car
I drive a stock car around Texas Motor Speedway.

Me Driving a Stock Car at Pocono
Me and my cousin driving Pocono at about 175 MPH. We did the Stock Car Experience. Pretty damn cool. The video shows the instructor up front with me in the middle followed by my cousin.