SPEED World Challenge GT Flybys

Cars from the SPEED World Challenge GT flying past at New Jersey Motorsports Park, the Thunderbolt raceway. Pick your favorite. Be careful, the Blue and white GMG Porsche is actually Porsche testing their new 2010 GT3 Cup Car that isn't even out yet. The rear end is wider, and there is only about 5 of them right in the world. This is May 2, 2009 at New Jersey Motorsports Park. In case you were wondering the Viper is far behind because he spun, the #1 Volvo was penalized, but still managed to place second, the first place car being the #2 Volvo S60-R.

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Wrecked Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
Walking around one of Porsche's garages and spotted this wrecked Porsche World Challenge 911 GT3 Cup car (WC 911 GT3 Cup). He got rear-ended.

SPEED World Challenge GT Race from New Jersey
See exclusive in-car video from the SPEED World Challenge GT Race from Thunderbolt Raceway at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

1993 SCCA World Challenge at Sears Point
Someone back then asked why I cared about "slow cars". Told them that they were the "Pro" versions of the cars I actually drove. "Why does a summer league player watch Major League Baseball?", I said. Ol' ex-Improved Touring driver wishes he was half as talented as these guys (other SCCA members will know the names!).

K-PAX Racing Volvo @ New Jersey Motorsports Park 2009
2009 World Challenge Race at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.