KWS Motorsports' Michael Godin on the RSV1000R

In 2009 KWS Motorsports fielded the Aprilia Factory effort in the AMA Pro Daytona Sportbike class with riders Chaz Davies, Ben Thompson and then Aaron Gobert. The team took the Aprilia RSV1000R to the competition in the class with impressive results for an largely undeveloped bike with 10 year old technology. KWS Technician Michael Godin drops some knowledge on us form his experience in working with the bike.

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KWS '09 AMA Superbike Series Season Review
In 2009 we had the good fortune to work with the guys at Factory Aprilia Millennium Technologies KWS for the entire season. We documented their race efforts as riders Chaz Davies and Ben Thompson (later replaced by Aaron Gobert) navigated a new rules package on a bike that nobody had ever raced at a professional level. The following is the entire season with the exception of the Laguna Seca round. The segments had been missing from this iteration of OnTheThrottle.TV previous to this re-edit. Enjoy... Share Tags: aaron gobert, Aprilia, ben thompson, chaz davies, daytona sportbike, kws

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Tool Box Tour: Millennium KWS Aprilia Millennium Technologies KWS Motorsports took on quite the challenge when they gridded the Aprilia RSV1000R in the AMA Pro Daytona Sportbike series. Lead mechanic, Michael Godin, was part of the team responsible for some fantastic finishes in the most competitive AMA grid of the century. We got a tour of the tool box that stood by his side all season long.

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