KWS Motorsports' Michael Godin on the RSV1000R

In 2009 KWS Motorsports fielded the Aprilia Factory effort in the AMA Pro Daytona Sportbike class with riders Chaz Davies, Ben Thompson and then Aaron Gobert. The team took the Aprilia RSV1000R to the competition in the class with impressive results for an largely undeveloped bike with 10 year old technology. KWS Technician Michael Godin drops some knowledge on us form his experience in working with the bike.

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Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Airbox mod
Did you like this video? Send me a tip! Here is my Bitcoin wallet: 1BTEWuFZHDd6LsgVwsAv9Ecwii7znusmJN Description: Taking out the front snorkel or air restrictor on a 2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R. Basically, just remove the seat and side panels, lift the tank, take the top off the airbox, take the air filter off (not really required, but easy to clean while you're here), take the bottom of the airbox off of the throttle bodies, and slide it up and to the right to get access to the front air restrictor. You do have to take off a couple of side hoses; breather hose, electrical sensor and vacuum lines I believe, so don't forget to connect those again when re-assembling. I'm not sure of any specific HP gains with this mod; some do claim to feel a power increase. You can also hear the engine breathe a little easier, which a lot of people like to hear. If anything, it doesn't hurt. UPDATE: 5/14/2013 So I've been riding with this mod now for about 500 miles and I do have to say, I LOVE the snarl the engine has from the airbox when cracking the throttle. I think it actually does run a 'bit' smoother in low (sub 3K) RPM's, although I think a Power Commander and proper map is the only real way to fix that issue. I think this is definitely a mod I'm keeping installed. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe:

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DIY measure and change Valve Clearance on Aprilia RSV1000R Factory. Replace shims to adjust the clearance.

Factory Aprilia RSV4 Build
A time-lapse of a Factory Aprilia RSV4 we converted for track use. Check out our walk around video of the RSV4 Parts installed: Radiator hoses Ohlins TTX rear shock Akrapovic full Ti EVO Pair valve removal Bazzaz TC/QS/Fi Racing Fairing stay Sato strap hooks CF engine covers Lightech rearsets Lightech Axle adjusters Sliders Cox Radiator gaurd Axle sliders Ti Axle nut Quick release gas cap Race body work Starline laptimer Brembo 19RCS Custom Build SS Brake lines Spider Grips Stomp Grips LSL Clip ons Rizoma Sprocket cover Music from Deff Syndicate - Instrumental Hip-Hop Vol. 1

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