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KWS Motorsports' Michael Godin on the RSV1000R

In 2009 KWS Motorsports fielded the Aprilia Factory effort in the AMA Pro Daytona Sportbike class with riders Chaz Davies, Ben Thompson and then Aaron Gobert. The team took the Aprilia RSV1000R to the competition in the class with impressive results for an largely undeveloped bike with 10 year old technology. KWS Technician Michael Godin drops some knowledge on us form his experience in working with the bike.


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KWS '09 AMA Superbike Series Season Review
In 2009 we had the good fortune to work with the guys at Factory Aprilia Millennium Technologies KWS for the entire season. We documented their race efforts as riders Chaz Davies and Ben Thompson (later replaced by Aaron Gobert) navigated a new rules package on a bike that nobody had ever raced at a professional level. The following is the entire season with the exception of the Laguna Seca round. The segments had been missing from this iteration of OnTheThrottle.TV previous to this re-edit. Enjoy... Share Tags: aaron gobert, Aprilia, ben thompson, chaz davies, daytona sportbike, kws

KWS Race Shop Tour
In the summer of 2008 we had the opportunity to crash the KWS race shop, a real functioning shop where racing serves their R&D needs, and their customers benefit from their high horsepower output engine builds. Here's how it goes down at the KWS race shop in North Charleston, SC.

SBK Factory "The Bike"- Episode 1 Taking Performance to New Heights
From www.OnTheThrottle.com, the first episode of "Taking Performance to New Heights," a web series following Jake Holden and SBK Factory on their journey to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This first episode is all about the motorcycle— a custom built Kawasaki ZRX1224RR Superbike. The video gives viewers an inside look at the bike's development, which combines high performance aftermarket parts with SBK Factory's own in-house superbike engineering. SBK Factory owner and bike builder James Compton explains what went into putting together this "modern classic" superbike for rider Jake Holden to race up America's mountain this June. Follow SBK Factory on Facebook, www.facebook.com/sbkfactoryracing, to see exclusive bonus footage of OnTheThrottle.TV's "Taking Performance to New Heights" series. SBK Factory develops one of a kind custom bikes and parts, built with factory works level craftsmanship and a local business passion. Learn more at www.sbkfactory.com.

Cam Timing a Suzuki GSX-R750 with KWS
This is a preview of the video that is available here http://www.onthethrottle.com/edownloads/ Set cam timing on a 2006 Suzuki GSX-R750 with KWS race shop owner and performance engine builder Kevin Hunt.

Pikes Peak 2013 Motorcycle Practice Sessions
2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb practice sessions. All Classes, nearly all racers, rough cut raw footage. Riders appear in order they finished. Class, number, racer name and time they appear in video....Enjoy. Exhibition Powersports # 5 Carlin Dunne 0:00 # 59 Jake Holden 2:53 # 36 James Compton 5:20 # 54 Glenn Conser 6:42 # 32 Tomasz Gombos 6:53 #666 Cal Neske 7:39 #575 Lloyd Meador 8:23 #329 Eddie Smith 9:27 # 55 Alex Moreno 10:25 Exhibition Powersports-Z #777 Jeff Clark 11:30 #64 Jeremiah Johnson 11:43 # 11 Troy Siahaan 13:14 # 26 Ted Rich 14:02 #880 Nathan Barker 14:20 #111 Brandon Miller 14:41 Pikes Peak 1205 # 20 Bruno Langlois 15:13 # 8 Wes Orloff 16:27 # 86 Bobby Goodin 17:27 # 43 Micky Dymond 17:36 # 71 Norm Meyer 20:40 # 50 Takahiro Itami 20:51 Pikes Peak 450 #191 Jeffrey Tigert 22:47 # 58 Davey Durelle 25:08 #591 Dan Berebdes 26:04 #747 Travis Newbold 26:44 #100 Greg Chicoine 27:31 #179 Jeff Delio 28:20 #152 Mark Niemi 29:25 # 76 Nicholas Glyshaw 31:18 #69 Darryl Lujan 31:45 # 10 Teague Sawyer 33:18 #530 Cal Collins 34:09 #917 Jim Cole 34:47 #213 Doug Chestnutt 35:05 #311 Tom Specht 35:13 #278 George Lloyd 35:31 # 92 Mark Gordon 35:34 # 68 Paul Delio 35:53 Pikes Peak 250 #285 Codie Vahsholtz 36:51 #251 Jason Archuleta 37:29 #295 Matt Meinert 38:16 #173 Nick Robinson 38:41 #210 Zachary Jacobs 40:06 #444 Ron Arms 40:20 Heavyweight Supermoto # 97 Jeff Grace 40:43 # 16 Joseph Toner 41:09 # 12 Eric Piscione 41:52 #17 Connor Toner 42:10 #229 Marco Belli 42:33 #570 David Johansen 43:33 #197 Michelle Disalvo 44:13 #669 Ryan Sweeney 44:51 #979 Vivaldi Pierpaolo 45:17 Pikes Peak Superbike 750 #787 Michael Henao 45:44 #333 James McKay 46:50 (Crash) # 3 Erik Dunshee 47:49 #163 Ryan Warren 50:00 #151 Dan Elders 50:16 #128 Dusty Labarr 50:56 #250 Michael Applehans 51:10 Vintage Motorcycle # 22 Dave Stock 52:10 # 93 Bobby Spann 52:25 # 6 Lloyd Hale 52:39 # 57 Keith Speir 52:44 # 23 David Rutherford 53:39 #846 Christophe Marquis 54:04 # 9 Marc LaNoue 54:12 Quad Modified # 38 Michael Coburn 54:59 #131 Mike Ell 55:09 # 42 Theo Bernhard 55:56 # 31 Troy Smith 57:14 # 63 Keith Steidl 57:27 #188 Jeremy Harbison 58:35 #337 Garret Richard 58:49 Side Car # 88 Wade Boyd 59:04 # 66 Masahito Watanabe 59:37 # 34 Christophe Lebert 1:02:43 #113 Bruno Marlin 1:03:08 # 99 Hans Schultz 1:04:40 #187 John Wood 1:04:56

aprilia RSV1000R Factory アプリリア 120912S001
[掘出しバイクオークション] 詳細画像多数 a lot of pics there http://goo.gl/VJ5rtm

Aprilia RSV Pro's and Con's And the Differences Between The Models
Been asked this a lot so when Shag In The Wind (link below, go check him out) asked me I thought it was about time I made the video....... I'm sure I've missed loads so just ask in the comments. When I talk about servicing I'm talking major service where valve clearances are checked. Shag In The Wind's channel http://www.youtube.com/user/ShagInTheWind Tell him I said hi! =) Don't forget to check out my facebook page and I'm now on instagram! =) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mr-Sparky-Aprilia/154221758069795# http://www.instagram.com/mrsparkyaprilia

Huntley Nash and Neyra Racing New Jersey Motorsports Park Recap
Huntley Nash and Neyra Racing recap from New Jersey Motor Sports Park. Huntley was on his way to perhaps his best AMA Pro Superbike finish of the season when a small part on his bike let go. The team has plans to test electronics in the off season and come back in 2014 on a much improved Kawasaki ZX-10R.

Tool Box Tour: Millennium KWS Aprilia
http://sportbikewrench.com/ Millennium Technologies KWS Motorsports took on quite the challenge when they gridded the Aprilia RSV1000R in the AMA Pro Daytona Sportbike series. Lead mechanic, Michael Godin, was part of the team responsible for some fantastic finishes in the most competitive AMA grid of the century. We got a tour of the tool box that stood by his side all season long.

Moss Dissects Mladin's GSX-R1000 Superbike
Dave Moss of Catalyst Reaction Suspension gets intimate with Mat Mladin's 2009 GSX-R1000 American Superbike. Dave gives us a tour of the superbike's trick bits and design, most of which would be valuable on a normal bike too.

How to core stock exhaust, Aprilia RSV 1000 R
This is a overview of how to core the stock Exhaust on a 2004 aprilia RSV 1000 R. Perforated tubing core and packing purchased from, AreaP No Limits http://areapnolimits.com/home.html (2) bags of 450 grams packing at least 36" of perorated tubing

1999 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille vs Ducati 996 Biposto - Comparison & Review
Jeff Stone gives us a comparison and review of two 1999 model Italian motorcycles - the Aprilia RSV1000 Mille and the Ducati 996 Biposto, checking out their performance and handling, as well as their styling and practicality.

Secrets Behind The HPF 1000 RWHP Daily Driven BMW M3 Race Engines Part One
Secrets Behind The HPF 1000 RWHP Daily Driven BMW M3 Race Engines Part One built by http://www.horsepowerfreaks.com Music By: Winkz http://www.myspace.com/winkzmusic

Factory Aprilia RSV4 Build
A time-lapse of a Factory Aprilia RSV4 we converted for track use. Check out our walk around video of the RSV4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSP16zaM5eE www.metricmethod.com Parts installed: Radiator hoses Ohlins TTX rear shock Akrapovic full Ti EVO Pair valve removal Bazzaz TC/QS/Fi Racing Fairing stay Sato strap hooks CF engine covers Lightech rearsets Lightech Axle adjusters Sliders Cox Radiator gaurd Axle sliders Ti Axle nut Quick release gas cap Race body work Starline laptimer Brembo 19RCS Custom Build SS Brake lines Spider Grips Stomp Grips LSL Clip ons Rizoma Sprocket cover Music from Jamendo.com: Deff Syndicate - Instrumental Hip-Hop Vol. 1

Aprilia RSV 1000 2002 Mugello, Fabio Malfi
Piccole soddisfazioni con moto vecchia...X)

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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