1995 Mustang 5.0 Just Rebuilt With Powerdyne 9 Psi. B303

2nd Start Of The Mustang Still Needs Some Fine Tunning,Off To The Dyno. B303 Cam,Fresh Rebuid,Super Powerdyne 9 Psi.,30lb Injectors,75mm Mass Air.

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88 Gt mustang supercharged (powerdyne BD-11A)
Going to sell this set up to help pay some of the new one.

BD 11 Powerdyne Supercharger Run
This video was taken before the intake was removed. This car is being parted out and we want to show potential buyers that the Supercharger is an operating unit.

93 mustang gt powerdyne supercharger
Powerdyne 6psi kit installed upr powerpipe now makes 8psi

1995 mustang gt with a powerdyne supercharger
almost done..