1995 Mustang 5.0 Just Rebuilt With Powerdyne 9 Psi. B303

2nd Start Of The Mustang Still Needs Some Fine Tunning,Off To The Dyno. B303 Cam,Fresh Rebuid,Super Powerdyne 9 Psi.,30lb Injectors,75mm Mass Air.

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1995 Mustang At SGS Dyno Powerdyne
This is my 1995 Mustang with fresh rebuild and new powerdyne blower. It put out 375hp and 370ft.lb. or torque. At SGS Dyno in Dillsburg,PA

first start after powerdyne install
s/c all done.. hood bolted on.. hopefully it'll go to the shop monday for tunning... still need to install headlights and bumper cover

95 mustang supercharged first start up/idle
95 Mustang, powerdyne Supercharger,gt40 heads, cobra intake, 288 cam, long tube headers

Bad Ass Stang
this is my fist motor i built and it is bad ass .30 over,F303 cam,FMS 1.72 rockers,Ported GT40X heads and cobra upper and lower,42 lb injectors,8 inch lower crank pulley and a 2.75 Supercharger pulley,and a superpowerdyne by 928 motorsports which forces the air thru a procharger Intercooler and it kicks ass i see 4 lbs of Boost just reving it to 2700 rpms cant wait for a good tune,Superpowerdyne worth the money.Also i just added a Anderson PMS computer.