Toyota Supra 1000bhp + 0-200mph HKS T62R BB HKS T51 Kai BB Supra Single Turbo

Future Motorsports Toyota Supra 1100+ RWHP Some Fun on Dyno 0-200mph

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Jimmy's Supra (0-300)
A 0-300 and 100-200 with cold street tires. More vidz and pictures with Performance Box next time :)

Supra speedo video, 1099 rwhp JamieP.
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Skyline acceleration
'91 R32 GTR 485 whp 70-190 km/h (sorry about the music, the cd came in the car and the cd player was in japanese so i couldnt figure out how to turn it off, some touch screen junk)

Supra 71mm turbo, pump fuel/meth inj (3rd-5th gears)
1995 Supra 6-speed, SP71-GTS turbo, 3.5in Exhaust, open dump, HKS 272, AEM EMS, pump fuel/methanol injection. Tuned by Modified by KC ( Car Dyno'd 764whp @ 29 PSI w/ meth/pump fuel but driving here at 25 PSI, with less timing throughout rev range. Probably around 650whp here--still plenty as you can see. Tested on a closed-course rental day. Check out MotoIQ's similar supra project! /193/project-toyota-supra.aspx